Saturday, September 18, 2010

How I Won The Booty Bay Fishing Derby

How I Won The Booty Bay Fishing Derby

On Sunday the 12th of September I won the Booty Bay Fishing Extravaganza.  Got me one step closer to my Angler title and I selected the trinket that turns me into a fish.  Here's some tips on how I did it.

1)  Waterwalk:  I'm a Deathnight.  This is a huge advantage due to Path of Frost, but shamans have waterwalk.  All other classes should use potions of waterwalking.  Simplifies things and makes travel to Tastyfish pools shorter.

2) Timing:  I chose September 12th to try to win.  Why?  Less competition.  Why?  That was opening day of the NFL football season.  Yup RL events do affect in game events.

3)  Come Prepared:  I had my best pole, my hat, lures, and plenty of Captain Rumseys Rum for extra buffs to fishing skill.  I didn't have the boots yet, but I did also get the rare fish that traded in for the +5 fishing boots.  If you have enchanted fishing gloves, then wear those as well.  Higher skill does mean faster catches in my observations.

4)  Speed:  The main problem with the contest is fighting over pools, so any speed boosts are golden.  Unholy Aura, Crusader Aura, +movement speed to boots, Sprint, Rocket Boots or anything that increases your movement speed should be used, if you are serious about winning.

5)  Location:  Where you start and how crowded the area is will also affect your performance.  Don't start where you see a lot of fishermen.  Fighting over pools is bad and lowers the catch rate of each fisherman that is competing for pools in the area.  My secret locale that I chose was an amazing area.  I chose the little dead end pool area just North of the naga area and just south of the Bloodsail Compound up that way.  On the Zone map it is the area on the coast due west of the Ruins of Aboraz.  I fished from 3 pools that form a triangle in that area over and over, until i had to move to get my last 4 as others caught on to the area.  I highly recommend this spot as 2 of the pools spawn right next to each other and I has 20+ fish before even having to move.  Stay away from the southern east coast, the eastern coast, and Yojimba Isle as that is where you will get the most competition.

6)  Hearth:  Make sure to set your hearth to the Booty Bay Inn and make sure you don't have it on cooldown.  The contest takes around 20 minutes max.  I won in 16 minutes.  So don't get stuck having to run back to town.

7)  If someone starts fishing in a pool you are in, never try to get the last fish because you never know how many fish will come out of any pool. You don't want to be the one who wasted his time fishing in a pool that disappears once your competitor pulls out the last fish.  If you cast first, then you are fine.  Let the dummy waste his time.

So with proper planning and a good strategy, you should greatly increase your chances at winning.  Hope these tips were helpful to those of you stilling shooting to be an angler.


  1. If you are on a PVP realm I recommend bringing a gank squad with you. We were able to get it for a friend buy having a 4 man gank squad plus protection for our buddy. We killed every alliance we could find that was out fishing.

    Also, I know it's player harassment, but we did sit on some player's bobbers so they couldn't click on them. There was so much competition that day I don't think we could have pulled it off if we didn't have the gank squad.

  2. Too bad Europe doesn't benefit from things like that as much.

    Anyway, one last thing is required too; Luck.
    You can come prepared as good as possible, but it still matters to be lucky with pool spawns, fishes being caught and all of that.

    Thanks for the mini-guide, I think I'm going to retry getting that title again in a few weeks.

  3. Cool stuff, Cold (no pun intended). I really love the fishing tournament, one of my favorite things to each each week.

    Congrats on winning. Now you just got to get a few more wins and get all the rewards.


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