Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daring Dirk

Daring Dirk
Binds when equipped
One-Hand Dagger
19 - 37 Damage Speed 1.60
(17.5 damage per second)
+5 Agility
Durability 55 / 55
Requires Level 29
Item Level 34
Daring Dirk
This nice BoE dagger is a great limited spawn quantity item that is a super reliable weapon to purchase off of  vendors to flip for nice profits.  Anyone who has leveled a rogue as combat daggers or subtlety knows how hard it is to find a good dagger to level with.  This is a nice dagger for leveling or since it is level 29, also can be a cheap weapon for someone twinking on a budget.
Who Sells This
This is a limited quantity item, which means that is only periodically spawns on the vendors and you can only ever purchase one at a time.  There are 3 total vendors in the game that sell this nice dagger. 
  1. Jutak <Blade Trader> in Booty Bay
  2. Marie Holdston <Weaponsmith> in Theramore Isle (Alliance Only)
  3. Vharr <Superior Weaponsmith> in Grom'Gol (Horde Only)



The vendor cost is 3g20s30c for each dagger.  If you have increased goblin reputation, you can get the faction discount, if you purchase it from Jutak in Booty Bay.  She is located near the inn and the Gnomeregan transporter.  These daggers can fetch you 15-25g each, so it is well worth a check to see if has spawned on the vendors.  So anytime you are in Booty Bay or the other location, peak at the vendor list.  If there is one available, do not hesitate.  Buy one, then send it to an auctioneer alt to sell on your factions auction house.  These always sell the same day for me.  I have never had one returned due to an expired auction.  They usually sell within hours of posting. 

 Do you understand the relationship between this post and the picture of the Dragon's Lair hero?


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