Monday, August 30, 2010

Everlook: Limited Quantity Recipes Galore

And the tour of goblin settlements with excellent resale options lands here in Everlook.  This pair of goblins have the best deals anywhere!  There items are almost all limited quantity and are items that are needed for quests, profession levelling, or common use items.  That mean that many of these will fetch you 25-35g per recipe.  And since there is a neutral auction house located within the walls of Everlook, this is an excellent place to camp one of your alts to both gather limited quantity recipes and also grab faction specific pets and recipes off of the neutral auction house.  Here's what these little green guys have to offer:

          Recipe:  Monster Omelet  1g20s

          (1) Design:  Necklace of the Diamond Tower  1g35s
          (1) Formula:  Enchant Chest - Major Health  1g60s
          (1) Pattern:  Frostsaber Boots  1g 60s
          (1) Pattern:  Runecloth Bag  1g20s
          Pattern:  Mooncloth  2g

Xizzer Fizzbolt
          (1) Schematic:  Delicate Arcanite Converter  2g
          (1) Schematic:  Fused Wiring  1g60s
          (1) Schematic:  Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector  1g20s
          (1) Schematic:  Masterwork Target Dummy  1g60s
          (1) Schematic:  Powerful Seaforium Charge  1g60s

Can you identify the big time sellers in this list?  Or have you been neglecting the excellent choices for auction house flipping that lay within the walls of Everlook?  So as you can already tell, the goblins are our friends, or at the least, our suppliers.  So when the lands is split and the skys fall, we can become them as players.  Then we too can offer "The Best Deals Anywhere!"

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