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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How I Turn 1000g Into 2000g

Markco over at JMTC has proposed the following question to the gold blogging community as the topic for the 2nd blogging carnival.

How Would You Turn 1000 Gold Into 2000 Gold?

I would utilize my Miner/Engineer, then my Alchemist, and finally my Blacksmith to create the end product.  Engineer makes the exchange with Frozo fast and easy, but anyone can do it.  If you have a Miner/Blacksmith you can do this with just the Alchemist and the Miner/Blacksmith.

My Miner/Engineer would purchase all the basic raw materials (32 Frozen Orbs, 22 stacks of Saronite Ore, 8 Eternal Shadows, and 8 Eternal Earths) in Dalaran and then trade with Frozo in Dalaran thru The Eternals Exchange to get 4 Crusader's Orbs (which go straight to the Blacksmith) and 8 Eternal Fires, which he keeps along with the other Eternals.  He smelts the Saronite Ores and mails 20 Saronite Bars to the blacksmith and the rest to the Alchemist, who in turn transmutes them into 24 Titanium Bars.  She then mails the Titanium Bars to the Miner who creates the Titansteel Bars and sends them to the Blacksmith, who creates the end product, Saronite Swordbreakers, from the final products of 8 Titansteel Bars, 20 Saronite Bars, and 4 Crusader Orbs.

Lets take a look at the costs:

 8 Titansteel Bars, 20 Saronite Bars, and 4 Crusader Orbs are the materials needed, but we arrive at those by using the following starting raw materials:

424 Saronite Ore, 8 Eternal Shadow, 8 Eternal Earth, 32 Frozen Orbs.

These calculations are basic costs NOT including any bonus savings from alchemy transmutation procs for extra Titanium Bars.

424 Saronite Ore x 12g-14g per stack = (21.2 stacks)  254g 40s - 296g 80s
8 Eternal Shadow x 6g-10g each = 48g - 80g
8 Eternal Earth x 2g-4g each = 16g - 32g
32 Frozen Orbs x 18g-20g each = 576g - 640g

Total = 894.4g - 1048.8g

I sell these for 2200-2500g each easily.  This is a great seller because tanking wrists are not a common drop and the easy ones to get from badges are only item level 213.  Even without any procs from transmutation this is very profitable.  Any procs would be more profit for you.  Hell, you don't even need an alchemist or a blacksmith to do this, if you just tip someone to do the transmutes, smelts, and crafting and you can still gain a nice profit when including tips.

You can make even more profit, if you find some Crusader Orbs for 120g or less.  You can either trade Frozo 6 Frozen Orbs for one Crusader Orb or buy them outright, whichever is cheaper.  Titanium Spikeguards can also be crafted following the same processes for similar profits.  I also do this with Titanium Razorplate and Breastplate of the White Knight, but those 2 costs a significant deal more to invest.  

So thats my take on turning 1k gold into 2k gold.  I hope you see the significance of using multiple professions to make a better profit.  


  1. Nice post Cold, I'm still mulling over what to write for my article!

  2. On my server Frozen Orbs go for ~20g each and Crusader Orbs go for ~80g each because people dont have(or at least dont consider alternatives) to spend their Emblem of Triumph on.
    Worth checking out if you are going to try this.

  3. @ Moravec
    Thanks! Took me forever to finally decide on a topic.

    Yeah, sounds good. Always buy your crusader's orbs, if they are cheaper than frozen orb x6! Cheaper mats means more profit. Or you can use your own Emblems to get the Orbs without spending gold at all. Thanks for commenting.


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