Friday, August 6, 2010

Couple of New Blogs

Been working on a couple of new sites for the other 2 games that I play.

Fun With Shakes and Fidget - For the Play From Work Browser Based Game - If you aren't playing, why not?  This game is soo fun and I have a guide full of WoW Goblins that made it into the game through Cold's Gold Factory.  So the in-game chat tends to have some gold making question and answers as a bonus.

Faction Grinders - A Free to Play Guide for DDO with links, guides, charts, etc. to make the Dungeons & Dragons Online Experience a little easier to understand.  I'm currently trying to unlock all content without spending a dime!  Let me know when you sign up and we can meet up in game.

Sorry for the shameless self-plugs of the new blogs, but I am having terrible writers block today and yesterday.  Comments or additions would be very appreciated.  Stop by and check them out please.  Hell, check out the Shakes and Fidget Blog if for nothing else, check out the cooler than cooler header I have up there.

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