Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loremaster Gets Easier & 2 more Gbank Tabs in Cataclysm

New Guild Achievement in Cataclysm:

 •Guild Vault (wip) - Purchased all 8 guild bank tabs.

So looks like we are getting 2 more Guildbank tabs in Cataclysm.


•Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor no longer requires you to complete a given amount of quests anymore. You now have to complete the achievements for each zone to get the Loremaster title.

•All the WoW classic zones now have their own quests achievement: Arathi Highlands Quests, Badlands Quests, Blasted Lands Quests, Burning Steppes Quests, etc ...
So Loremaster will be a ton easier since each zone will have its on checklist like current day Burning Crusade and Northrend zones already do.


  1. So looks like we are getting 2 more Guildbank tabs in Cataclysm.

    YAY! The tabs I have currently are sufficient (five per bank) but still, I love bank tabs.

  2. Epic news on Loremaster my paladin that i am making can move on and get levelling instead of messing around

  3. WOOT - sod doing loremaster now then! that was my next big achiv to aim for

    but with 550 Q to try find in eastern and 600 in the other CBA set in! but if you have 45 left in sering gorge and 10 left in west fall much easyer


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