Friday, August 20, 2010

OMG U Got That Pattern?!?!?

Formula: Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility
Binds when picked up
Enchanting (300)
Item Level 70
Keepers of Time - Exalted
Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant gloves to increase Agility by 15.

Finally!  After much hassle and grief, I've finally reached Exhaulted Reputation with the Keepers of Time on my enchanter.  I would like to give a shout out to my Felguard.  Without him, this wouldn't have been possible.  After way too many runs of CoT: Old Hillsbrad and CoT: Dark Portal, I can finally start to sell these sexy glove enchants.  I am banking on selling a boat load of these to twinks once they start taking over in Cataclysm.  Back in the days of vanilla this enchant was a B#tch to find and even after it being added during BC to the KoT quartermaster, it was still just as rare.  These days it is even more rare as people are just not running old content (especially CoT), the few people that had the enchant have quit, and twinking was all but killed off completely,  so there wasn't much demand for it.  With the return of twinks, this enchant will be one of the hardest to find and will rake in huge sales as +15 agility is Humongous on a level 19 Rogue or Hunter.  And these 2 classes were by far the most common before twinking died.  Do you have the enchanting patterns that the twinks will be seeking?  


  1. congrats man, I was thinking about you talking about twink market in cata the other day on s&f and was wondering what the best way to go about it? market wise that is, are you just buying cheap twink items and mats for stuff like this enchant or farming the gear and hoping it drops?

  2. Gratz on exalted man I'm about to start the grind myself on my new 80 warlock enchanter.

  3. @ Sykez
    Watch for my guest post on JMTC Soon.

    @ Leper Gnome
    Thanks man. good luck though, prolly have to solo it like me.

  4. How long will I have to sit around to get exalted? lol

  5. @Cold

    Will do man, I remember you mentioning it the other day. Is it for the the carnival or will it be on soonish?


  6. @ Sykez
    1000g->2000g is the Carnival Entry. The guest post on JMTC is on twink gears, releasing this week, I believe.

  7. Any change for a summary of all the enchants (also tobe for cata) for twink/BoA gear that will be valuable?

    Very nice post on the JMTC blog!

  8. Grats I am half tempted to try to get this, although the number of runs looks quite insane.

  9. @ Rakhman

    Yeah, it never would have happened, except that when WotLK dropped, I ran it over and over with groups of deathknights as I was recruiting people for the mega XP boosts the quest chains give. After that I took a long haitus and just got back to grinding rep when I was bored. So yeah it is an insane amount of runs.

  10. How many runs did you have to solo to get exalted? Were you doing normal or heroic runs? I'd like to try and get this with my hunter. I've soloed most if not all the BC instances when I was leveling enchanting (for achievements and gear drops to DE), so I think tackling this shouldn't be a hassle.

  11. Reputation
    14020 from quests

    Old Hillsbrad
    Trash: 8-15
    Bosses: 80-250
    Full clear ~900 rep
    Heroic ~2300 rep

    The Black Morass
    Rift Lords: 50-65
    Bosses: 120-250
    Full clear ~1110 rep
    Heroic ~1725 rep

    Not sure how many runs it took. Only can do once per day as heroic. Heroic OHB was fine, but Heroic DP, I died often and quest did it regular, for speed reasons.


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