Monday, August 9, 2010

Twink Items : Guest Post By Markco of JMTC

Guest Post by Markco of Just My Two Copper

Hey Cold, thank you for the opportunity to post on your blog. Here is my answer to your question:

"What boe's can I flip once twinking becomes crazy in cataclysm?"

Well first off, let me explain WHY twinking will be so popular in cataclysm. For one, you will have far more abilities at level 19 than ever before with the revamp to all classes. As early as level 10 each player will get the core abilities that define their class towards the beginning of their play experience with a character. Mortal strike, earth shield, mind flay, etc will all be seen in level 19 battles now instead of the three or so buttons we get today. Twinking fights will be more complicated and far more interesting. Secondly, players will be leveling up new characters and twinks will want to run around killing these goblins or worgens (avoiding the hassle of only fighting other xp restricted players in bgs). What's more, bgs may have a new system where twink guilds can face off against other twink guilds in death match style battles.

When you ask the question "What boe's can I flip once twinking becomes crazy in cataclysm?", my answer will probably shock you. I'm going to say NONE. I'm personally not going to stockpile any chest pieces, weapons or shoulders as most twinks will simply use boa gear instead of purchasing X9 blues. What I will stockpile are the item enhancements, engineering leveling mats and potions most lowbie twinks will want to get their hands on. Speed pots and free action potions are the most popular alchemy items to sell to twinks, followed closely by mana and healing pots. For engineering I'll want to have bolts, bars, cloth, mechanical items, etc all ready for the new levelers since engineering is the most popular twinking profession. Some blue rings are extremely valuable to twinks and I'll try to stockpile those along with item enhancements including armor kits, enchanting scrolls, shield spikes and iron counterweights. I'll be sure to have cloth ready to be sold for those looking to create bandages and for the really serious twinks I'll prepare copious amounts of anti venom.

There will supposedly be new best in slot craftable gear (betting the farm on this) for levelers which will be far more expensive than any of the current bis X9 twinking gear. You'll want to utilize your own professions to craft blue gear with +random stats until you find the right combination to make the most profit from twinks.

That's my thoughts on twinking in cataclysm, thanks for letting me post.

Markco of Just My Two Copper

Thank you to Markco for his take on what to sell to the twinks.  I will also be working up some posts on profiting and stockpiling to tap into the re-emerging twink market.  I used to have a lvl 29 Tauren Warrior twink that was just a Beast in his 20-29 battleground bracket.  Having thousands of hit points at level 29  killing players with a few hundred hitpoints in 1 or 2 hits was just plain disgusting.  I made an Arms Warrior to combat against all the dang hunters and rogues, and he was of course an engineer as well.  I HIGHLY recommend Twinking to anyone looking to have a ton of fun in PvP at lower brackets.  Get a group of friends to twink as well and it gets even funner when you all queue together.  Give it a try.  -Cold

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