Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quick Notes

Just a quick note here today.

I've been looking into the fellow bloggers featured on Markco's Blogging Carnival and have been in contact with a few.  I have submitted a couple of guest posts to fellow gold bloggers, so be on the lookout for guest posts at JMTC and Workersgoldrush.  The blogging carnival has been great for my blogs visits and page views.  Thanks again Markco.  If you were left out of the first one, the new topic is "How would you turn 1000g into 2000g?"

A few of the blogs I have recently discovered and have been enjoying:

GnomishCoin    //  BlingingWoW (Fellow St. Louisan here) //  LePetitGoblin  //  The Gold Pavilion //  Worker's Gold Rush

And one non-gold related site that is absolutely hillarious :

People of Walmart

Should keep you busy for a bit.  Enjoy the weekend and the new readings.
Thanks all!



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