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Battle Pets With Alludra and Kephas | A Battle Pets Podcast

WoW Battle Pets Podcast
Calico Cat Crits For 2k Damage!
 Battle Pets with Alludra and Kephas

Looking for a podcast about World of Warcraft battle pets?  Well look no further!  Alludra and Kephas have got you covered.  They have created an excellent podcast covering the battle pets niche within World of Warcraft.  Be sure to check out Battle Pets With Alludra and Kephas.  Their brand new World of Warcraft podcast is both entertaining and informative. 

Alludra and Kephas do a great job explaining the battle pet system coming to WoW in Mists of Pandaria.  Both of the show's hosts are previous Pokemon fans and they are both currently playing with their battle pets within the MoP Beta, which allows them to bring an insider's perspective to the podcast.   Both Alludra and Kephas are members of the Horde faction, but fear not.  The Kephas has authorized Alliance players to listen to the show too!

Kephas and Alludra work well together as a hosting pair.  It is easy to hear their excitement for the battle pets coming through the podcast.  I learned more from their 30 minute debut episode than I've learned reading all about the battle pet system.  I hope there are many more future episodes to come!

In the debut episode they cover:
  • Battle Pet Training
  • Pet Battle Mechanics
  • Battle Pet Bugs On Beta
  • Pet Capturing
  • Battle Pet Qualities
  • Death by Cockroach
  • Much More!
Where can you find the Battle Pets Podcast?

Check out the show notes and stream for episode #1:  Beta Battles.
If you check out their show and enjoy it, be sure to leave them feedback on the site and drop them an iTunes review.  Quality feedback is important for new podcasters, because its hard to gauge listener reactions without feedback.  So be sure to let them know what you think and let them know I sent you to their show.


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