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4 Tips To Improve Your Remote Auction House Efficiency

4 Tips For Using The Remote Auction House

The Remote Auction House has been a great addition to the tools of the WoW gold making goblin.  The Remote Auction House application for smart phones has been very effective for me in helping snatch up cheap goods, is a great tool in the war against undercutters, and helps with auction house espionage issues.  There are a lot of uses and benefits to using the RAH in addition to the in game auction interface.  I've already written about The Top 9 Uses For The Remote Auction House, so today let's look at a few ways to improve your remote auction house WoW gold making routine.

#1 - Shop Like A Boss

One of the hassles with shopping for large quantities of materials on the auction house is the repetitive nature of having to click on each item individually to make a purchase.  With the in game WoW auction house we have add-ons like Auctionator and TSM that help us buyout items more quickly and accurately.  Well, those same Auctionator style buying improvements are also used within the Remote Auction House application.  It took me a while to figure this out for myself and it was only after @MSherretz pointed it out on earlier episode of The Auction House Junkies Podcast that I was able to fully take advantage of this awesome RAH addition (which was added in a RAH app update, I believe).
The key to getting to use the Auctionator style buying lists in the Remote Auction House application is to use the "Show: Buyouts Only" option.  This is a simple filter that is found at the top of the screen after you search for items.  Once the results are tallied, you can select the "Buyouts Only" option and it will stack all of the same price items into the same buyout row.  Check out the image below to see the results. 

WoW Remote App - Sorting By Buyout
WoW Remote AH - Sorting By Buyouts Only

As shown in the above image, instead of displaying every stack of Whiptail individually, all of the same priced items get stacked together with a "total stacks at this price" quantity.  In the example above, you can see that there actually are 25 full stacks of Whiptail all listed at the same price.  In the following image, you can see that you now have an option to purchase all of those stacks with just 1 action.  Note: You will still be charged 1 transaction (from your daily limit of 200) for each stack that you buy.  This a great way to make bulk purchases in a speedy fashion.  Use it!

WoW Remote AH Shopping For Materials
WoW Remote AH - Bulk Shopping

#2 - Quicker Search Tip
Searching is another thing that takes time and effort when using the Remote Auction House.  One of the fastest ways to improve your search speed is to keep 1 of the items that you constantly search for in your bags or in your personal bank.  This allows you to bypass the manual entry of item names into the search field because you can just tap the item and then hit the "Price check" tab from the item display.  So if you are on a crafter that buy his own crafting materials, always leave 1 set of materials uncrafted to improve your searching efficiency with the RAH.

#3 - Reverse Your Banking Thought Process

One important way to better utilize the Remote AH for speed and convenience is to get out of the typical mindset of how banks and guild banks are used.  If you are like me and have multiple crafters within the same guild that share a guild bank for easy materials distribution, then you have to reverse that thinking.  Even if you have alt characters that have their own guild bank for storage, you still have to think differently when using the Remote auction House regularly.  Why? 

Items in the guild bank can't be listed on the auction house or accessed at all through the Remote AH, even if you are the only member of the guild and the only one who could ever see into the guild.  It's just not allowed with the Remote AH interface.  So all of your items for searching, selling, and price checking need to be in your bags, your individual character's bank, or in your mail box and not stored away in a guild bank.

Many of us tend to throw our crafted items and materials into the guild bank and tend to keep our personal stuff in the personal banks.  If you are a consistent Remote Auction House user though, this is limiting your available storage space for interacting with the Remote Auction House.  Reversing your banking thought process will prove beneficial in the long run as you have space to work with on the RAH.

#4 Keep Your Mailbox Clear

Nothing hampers a Remote Auction House business like an overfilled mailbox.  The Remote AH will only display and allow you to interact with the last 50 items in your mail.  So keep the mailbox tidy and clear when you are in game because you can't retrieve items from the mail box, unless you are posting them back on the WoW auction house.  You don't want to have to waste reposting non-selling items just to be able to get to and see the valuable item you want to make sure to relist.  So keep those mailboxes tidy for speed and ease.

Want to hear even more about the World of Warcraft Remote Auction House?

Be sure to check out the Auction House Junkies Episode #25 - French Dip where we discuss the Remote Auction House as our primary discussion topic.  I apologize for Wes in advance.

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  1. I have a question why is that AH interface so awesome? Oh yeah because it requires additional money above and beyond your subscription. I am not overly mad about the fact that there is an extra feature but the fact that it is requires a smart phone to use. Why not add an option for a web based client? Surely the customer is always right.

  2. You can access the remote auction house through the web client at, but I think the smartphone client is much better.


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