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WoW TCG Loot Card Codes - Vanity Items

Disco Inferno! WoW TCG Rare
WoW Loot Card D.I.S.C.O. Ball

WoW Trading Card Game Vanity Item Loot Codes

Having already done posts on both WoW Pet Loot Cards and WoW Mount Loot Cards, it was only natural to follow those WoW Trading Card Game loot posts with the final category of loot cards.  The Vanity Items offered from the WoW Trading Card Game are almost all strictly for aesthetic purposes.  The pets and mounts both are seeing increases in value since they will be usable on all of your WoW characters on your account.  Unfortunately at this time, the WoW TCG Vanity Items are still restricted to the character that redeems the code.  There are plenty of cool gizmos and gadgets that you can use to enhance your character visually.

I myself have had my eye on the D.I.S.C.O. ball, which is the coolest vanity item from the WoW TCG in my opinion.  The Grim Campfire is a pretty neat campfire upgrade as well that allows you to cook over glowing flaming skulls.  Another of my favorites is the Fool's Gold item, which places a fake mining node on the ground.  Anyone who attempts to mine the ore, gets a Kobold that follows them around.  "You No Take Copper!"

So I present this list for you research and your amusement.  Some of these items are rather rare and expensive, while others are only a few bucks.

Loot Code ItemLoot CardExpansion
Tabard of FlameLandro's LongshotHeroes of Azeroth
Imp In A BallFortune TellingThrough the Dark Portal
Picnic BasketRest and RelaxationThrough the Dark Portal
Goblin Gumbo KettleGoblin GumboFires of Outland
Fishing ChairGone Fishin'Fires of Outland
Paper Flying Machine KitPaper AirplaneMarch of the Legion
Papa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet BiscuitsPapa Hummel's Old Fashioned Pet BiscuitsServants of the Betrayer
Goblin Weather Machine - Prototype 01-BPersonal Weather MakerServants of the Betrayer
D.I.S.C.O.Disco BallThe Hunt for Illidan
Path of IllidanFootsteps of IllidanThe Hunt for Illidan
The Flag of OwnershipOwned!Drums of War
Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.SlashdanceDrums of War
Epic Purple ShirtCenter of AttentionBlood of Gladiators
Foam Sword RackFoam Sword RackBlood of Gladiators
Sandbox TigerSandbox TigerBlood of Gladiators
Path of CenarusPath of CenarusFields of Honor
Ogre PinataPinataFields of Honor
Little White Stallion BridleTinyScourgewar
Landro's Gift BoxLandro's GiftWrath Gate
Instant Statue PedestalStatue GeneratorWrath Gate
Paint BombPaint BombIcecrown
Ethereal PortalPortal StoneIcecrown
Grim CampfireGrim CampfireWorldbreaker
War Party Hitching PostWar Party Hitching PostWar of the Elements
Fool's GoldFool's GoldTwilight of the Dragons
Sack of StarfishThrowing StarfishThrone of the Tides
Magical Ogre IdolMagical Ogre IdolCrown of the Heavens
Spurious SarcophagusSpurious SarcophagusTomb of the Forgotten
Dark PortalDark Portal HearthstoneBetrayal of the Guardian
Demon Hunter's AspectDemon Hunters AspectWar of the Ancients

NOTE:  Timewalkers: Reign of Fire Expansion

The Reign of Fire expansion for the WoW trading card game has released on July 23rd, 2013.  The Reign of Fire expansion contains no new loot cards, instead this new expansions includes every loot card every previously released!  And they have upped the drop rates of the loot cards, so you have even better chances to pull loot codes out of the boosters!

Find out more about: The Reign of Fire WoW TCG boosters.

You can also Check eBay for TCG Loot Codes!

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