Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 4 Items To Unload Before WoW Patch 5.0.4

Items To Get Rid Of Before WoW Patch 5.0.4

The Mists of Pandaria pre-patch is less than a week away and Patch 5.0.4 will be updated to live WoW servers on Tuesday, August 28th.  That leaves us with less than 6 days to continue to prepare for the big changes coming with the new patch.  As gold makers in WoW, we need to be on the ball and take special care to unload some of the items that are going to see a massive drop in value or are going to become completely worthless because of these new changes.  Let's take a look at some stuff to unload ahead of the big pre-patch.

1)  Blackfallow Ink - Convert all of your Blackfallow Ink into all of the other inks that are using for Glyph crafting.  With the pre-patch comes the change to the Inscription ink traders, so don't get caught with a bunch of Blackfallow Ink and no way to trade them down.  This change will reward those of us who prepared ahead of time and will penalize those who didn't.  Even if you plan on selling crafted items that require Blackfallow Ink, you should still convert all that you have.  Once the vendor no longer takes those inks for converting down to the other inks, the prices are going to drop even farther. 

2)  Relics, Librams, Idols, Hunter Melee Weapons & Non-Hunter Ranged Slot Items - The Relic, Libram, Idol, Wand, Ranged Weapon slot is being removed.  Wands are moving to the main hand weapon slot and Hunters will still use ranged weapons, but will no longer have melee weapons as well.  Don't get tricked into grabbing those nice + agility items, as part of your Bargain Blues Stockpiling, that won't be able to be equipped by Rogues, Monks, or Druids.  If you have been crafting relics or other items to disenchant, make sure to get them all disenchanted prior to the patch.  If you don't disenchant them ahead of time, you run the risk of the items turning grey or being removed alltogether.  Plan ahead.  Also get rid of any ranged weapons (crossbow, bow, gun) that you were hoping to sell to levelers, unless they are useable by Hunters.  No one else will have a ranged weapon slot, so those tanking guns are going to be useless.  Dump them or Disenchant them.  Then when the patch drops, keep an eye out for good Disenchant fodder as any crossbow, bow, or gun without Hunter stats will be worthless as gear.

3)  Enchanted Thorium Blades - Along the same lines as those items above, but worth it's own mention.  Enchanted Thorium Blades have long been the go to craftable item from producing our own Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.  Get them made and Disenchanted ahead of the patch so you don't run the risk of being stuck with a bunch of near useless Enchanted Thorium Bars or Enchanted Thorium Blades that may turn grey on Patch day.  Also keep an eye out for plummeting Enchanted Thorium Bars on the auction house after the patch, if you have a use for them.  I will be buying up the cheap Enchanted Thorium that gets dumped to use for a niche market of mine, Whitesoul Helms (for dungeon running Paladin Healers).

4)  Nightmare's Tear - With the removal of the Relic slots, the Nightmare's Tear is going to pretty much worthless.  There won't be any more prismatic gem slots to fool players into foolishly slotting them with Nightmare's Tears.  Dump all your Nightmare's Tears and Dragon's Eyes now. 

So these are the top 4 things I'm making sure to dump prior to the big pre-patch 5.0.4 on this coming Tuesday.  You have been warned too, so don't get caught with your pants on the ground!

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  1. Another two things to get rid of -- all Glyphs of Frostbolt and Glyphs of Shadowburn. Both glyphs are ceasing to exist and will become gray items that vendor for 50s each. (Bonus points if you trick your AH rivals into buying your soon-to-be-worthless Glyphs of Shadowburn on the AH.)

  2. Ah yes, for sure! Those slipped my mind as I was pushing this post out before work ended (yes I write my posts from work). Thanks for the reminder!

    Mine are already long gone :)

  3. Just FYI. Other items going gray in MoP.
    Mage Items: Rune of Teleportation, Rune of Portal, Arcane Powder.
    JC Items: Simple Grinder.
    Rogue Items: All posions.

  4. Here's another one: any enchanting rods. Starting in 5.04, a simple copper rod (creatable at skill level 10 or so) will be good enough to do all future enchants. As such, all those eternium and such rods will have no utility whatsoever. I'm not certain whether the recipes are being removed, or if they'll stay in the game and are usable as skillups.

    1. Yup! I've unloaded mine as well. Shoulda have added it to this list. I KNEW I was forgetting 1 thing for sure, and this was it.

      Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Suggestion: don't tell people to dump/DE the tanking guns as they remain usable for transmog and there are a number of tanking guns with unique skins :) Just as long as people know they're for appearances from now on instead of for leveling gear, you should be able to stock and price accordingly.

  6. Ah good point! I hate the transmogg market, so I didn't even think of that.

  7. Can still trade down with inks, maybe a change will happen in Panda release, but did not happen in 5.0.4... People are still buying Nightmare Tears for 300 gold +, but nice thing is the Dragon's Eyes are like 1 gold each now, good profit for me. People still use the Nightmare Tear on their chest slot for some reason on all 3 of my servers

    1. Yeah, It's a known issue / bug that the ink vendor is still accepting blackfallow ink although the currency on the ink traders window was changed to the MoP ink of dreams.

      Re: Dragon's Eyes. Idiots will continue to be idiots, I guess.


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