Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Profiting On Volatile Earth and Fire Market Crash

Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire Markets are Down...Way Down

Right now the prices of both Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth are nice and low.  This is a direct result of the increased influx of Volatiles from players completing their Firelands Invasion daily quests.  Tons of players getting lots of extra Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire leads to a supply overload and market saturation.  As always, market saturation is followed by a drop in prices of the Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth

Further compounding the increased influx of Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth are the players that are maximizing the Firelands starter quests for extra Volatiles and getting extra Volatiles from Druids of the Talon quests.  If you are doing the Firelands Invasion daily quests over and over every day, why not maximize the quests to get the most Volatile raw materials you can each and every day, while completing the daily quests you were going to be doing daily anyway?

How To Profit From Cheap Volatile Earth and Fire

With the drop in prices of both Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth, we can take advantage of the lower production cost of many items.  Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth are raw material components in many of the profitable markets.  The drop in prices of the raw materials equates to lower production costs.  Lower production costs mean either more profits (if you can continue to sell at the same end product selling prices) or an increased ability to battle and undercut in a new market. 

This is one of the reason's you won't catch me stockpiling pre-crafted goods.  I only craft items prior to listing them on the auction house.  I do not mass craft expensive items ahead of time, because you never know when something will change in the World of Warcraft that will lead to a major price drop.  Anyone who stockpiled items crafted with Volatile Fire and Volatile Earth prior to the price drop has sunk more gold into the crafting cost of that item.  So someone new entering the market has cheaper crafting costs than their pre-crafted sunk costs, which means the new entrant can be more competitive with their pricing.

Below is a listing of some of the profitable markets that include Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire.  I would look into these markets on your server and calculate how much profit is to be made.  Many of these markets are still enjoying higher prices (probably due to market veterans trying to keep the prices up since they may have sunk costs and are used to a higher production cost) and are prime for moving in as a bottom feeder, undercutting below the lowest priced craftables.

Volatile Fire
  • Bloodthirsty PvP Plate, Mail, Cloth, and Leather
  • PvP Jewelry - Bloodthirsty Sapphire Necklace, Ring of Warring Elements
  • Leg Armors - Charscale Leg Armor, Scorched Leg Armor, Enchanted Spellthread
  • Dreamcloth (Dream of Ragnaros) - Cheaper than Volatile Life version on some servers.
  • Truegold Transmuting
  • Once unlocked, new epic gear and weapons.
Volatile Earth
  • Drakehide Leg Armor (The new tanking leg armor)
  • PvP Jewelry - Bloodthirsty Ruby Signet, Bloodthirsty Ruby Choker
  • Bloodthirsty Fur Cloak
  • Dreamcloth (Dream of Deepholme)
  • Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
  • Elementium Toolbox
  • Hardened Obsidium Gear - Tanking Gear for levelers
  • Punisher's Band
  • Once unlocked, the new Triple-Reinforced Mining Bags
  • Hardened Elementium Bars
  • Enchant Bracer - Major Strength (+50 Str)
The list doesn't stop here.  Especially when looking at Dreamcloth and Hardened Elementium Bars, as these are intermediate crafting materials.  Anything else that can be crafted from either of these items, can also be crafted for cheaper with the new lower raw material Volatile costs.

How are you profiting off of the new lower priced Volatile Earth and Volatile Fire? 
Any new markets or strategies?


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