Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Twilight Highlands Vendor Nerf

Twilight Highlands Vendors

BEWARE:  Prepare for a flood of competition in the major markets for Leatherworking, Tailoring, Enchanting, and Blacksmithing.  And the Engineering Cogwheels Market is now completely dead.  Why you ask?

In Patch 4.1, they added new vendors in the respective profession shops in all major cities.  Yeah sucks, I know.  Well, sucks for those of us that have been pushing our alts to level 84 in order to even be able to obtain the end game crafting patterns.  Prior to the WoW Patch 4.1 change, you had to be level 84, then complete a quest chain in order to unlock the high end profession vendors in Dragonmaw Port.  This was an excellent way to limit the number of crafters in the professions that were represented in the Twilight Highlands, but now that gate has been opened wide.

In Patch 4.1, new vendors are in the major cities offering players the same recipes that were previously exclusive to the Twilight Highlands vendors.  Currently you only need to be level 75 to pick up the same recipes, since you have to be 75 to get to last tier of the crafting professions.  This means there will be a ton of new characters entering into the markets that were previously gated.

Leg Armors, Ebonsteel Belt Buckles, Cogwheels, high end enchants, high end craftable PvP gear and everything else is going to get much more competitive once players start to realize these new vendors are in the major cities.

One thing to note is that only recipes and cogwheels are included in this change.  The materials from the Inscription supplier were not included in this Patch 4.1 change, but they could be added in the future.  Don't buy too many in case they are later added to the major cities as well.

Blizzard is supposed to rolling out new PvP craftables as the arena seasons change, so I'm assuming this is the first step of that plan.  Can we can assume that the new recipes will be the ones available on the Twilight Vendors while the old versions get moved to the major city vendors?

So currently there is no need to go visit the metal trader, the shard trader, the cloth trader, the cogwheel trader, or the leather trader in Twilight Highlands.

PS:  I broke this store first on my newsletter and have given a few other newsletter first information releases. 
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What are your thoughts on this change?  Good?  Bad?  


  1. Not great overall but with my lowly BS at lvl 71 (who I hate playing) I have to say, I'm kinda relieved not to have to drag her through Cata to lvl 84. Mind you, I said the same about my DK scribe but she's 85 & just about ready for HC's now! lol

  2. Are you sure? I looked at the vendor and while I saw a few new recipes, I didn't see (for example) the belt buckles there.

  3. Also on the "vendor" or in this case trainer... Runed Arcanite Rod the formula is no longer on the Moonglade vendor, it is at the trainer... :-/

  4. @Euripides

    Yup - it sucks.

    A check at Wowhead for the Ebonsteel Recipe Shows it's now on 8 vendors.

    2 in Twilight Highlands
    3 in Orgrimmar
    1 in Thunder Bluff
    1 in Stormwind City
    1 in Ironforge

    So it's not inclusive of every major city, some cities have some of the patterns where others don't.

  5. I suppose it might take a little hit, but I'm not terribly concerned. There may be a small spike, but people are inherently lazy. Take dust of disappearance for example. Still selling them for 18g each and they cost less now.

    There may be a small spike in competition, but stay the course and you'll come out on top as others stop working for it.

  6. yea this blows lol thanks for the info cold.
    I did set up a link from my post to this one thanks for the info man. God I feel like a dumbass


  7. Derp. I totally misread wowhead, and was clearly looking at the wrong trainer in SW.

  8. @XanderEragon

    Don't Feel Bad man! Even the gold guru who I post respect (Euripides) was in the dark on this one.

    I broke this news on twitter and on my newsletter first before posting it here. Most people are unaware of this change until now.

  9. I have found that my server contains several open spots still in the leatherworking arena. Looks like people are posting a piece here and there.

  10. Competition should rise in all markets, sooner or later, so it's nothing devastating. I would've been annoyed if I had levelled a toon with only the gold in mind. It's WoW; everything will change one way or the other. Nerfs are a part of the game, whether they are predictable or not.

    Prior to patch 4.1 I was pondering if I should level Grayz (future speculation reasons @ JC) or my enchanter for those vendors recipies. I realized that the time investment would've been too great even for my JC, since I no longer am an active altoholic (tryin ard to ste awe from dem alts, mon). Anyhows, whether the change would've happened or not I would've stood by my choice simply cause of the waste of my time. Don't level alts unless you really enjoy it.

  11. @Cold I wouldn't say completely in the dark- I had heard rumors about it on the PTR, and I checked into it the day the patch launched. I simply checked the wrong places ;)

  12. Two days before the patch, I spent 600g to buy Moongraze Tenderloin cooking recipe, which before 4.1 was only available via quest to Alliance (I am horde). Then I noticed that Tasty Lion and Kaldorei Spider recipes were trainable at the Cooking trainer, and after checking, so was the Moongraze recipe! Oh well.

    So this affects achievement seekers too! No longer need to arbitrage the alliance/horde only recipes. If you have been saving those recipes for cross-faction sales, sell them quick before everyone else realizes this.

  13. Hey Cold...
    Can you clarify this bit for me?

    The materials from the Inscription supplier were not included in this Patch 4.1 change, but they could be added in the future. Don't buy too many in case they are later added to the major cities as well.

    I'm not sure what you mean, sorry.


  14. @Toltec

    The Inscription Vendor In Twilight Highlands was the only vendor spared the duplication of vendors in the major cities.

    It is possible that it was just overlooked and these items could appear on a vendor in a major city shortly. So don't buy too many of these items to flip because they may be universally accessible soon.

  15. gotcha, thx.. i was thinking only of the ink trader. good reminder


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