Friday, May 13, 2011

Chocolate Cookies for WoW Cheevos

New Achievement in Patch 4.1

Since Patch 4.1, one of the new achievements that have been added to World of Warcraft involves eating a ton of Chocolate Cookies.  The first Chocolate Cookie gives you a buff which makes you feel 100% better.  Each additional cookie adds a cumulative extra 10%.  The achievement You'll Feel Right As Rain requires you to eat 91 of the Chocolate Cookies to get enough of the stacked buff to complete the achievement.  Remember in The Matrix when the Oracle told Neo to eat the chocolate cookie and by the time he finished eating it he would "feel right as rain"?  Eating a single Chocolate Cookie is also a requirement for the mega Cataclysm eating achievement Cataclysmically Delicious.

Selling Chocolate Cookies

The recipe for the Chocolate Cookie is obtained from the cooking vendors in major cities that exchange Cataclysm Chef Awards for Cooking recipes.  The Chocolate Cookie recipe requires just 1 Simple Flour and 1 Cocoa Beans per Cookie.  The Cocoa Beans are obtained from the same vendors.  For a single Chef Award you can obtain a bag of Imported Supplies, which will contain a lot of cocoa beans.  The amount received appears to be somewhat random.

You can make a nice business for yourself supplying these cookies, if the auction house doesn't appear to have much competition.  Another great benefit about these cookies is that you have something to spend your extra Chef Awards on when you have all of the new Cataclysm Recipes.  If you don't collect all the recipes on all of your alts, then you can also have your alternate characters buy a bunch of the bags of Imported Supplies and mail the Cocoa Beans to your cook for more profits.

I was originally selling these for around 12g each before others starting getting in on this cookie action!  Make sure to check your auction house and see if your market would be profitable for you to try to sell these cookies as well.  You may also be able to unload the Cocoa Beans on the auction house as well.


  1. I think my cookies look more fattening than yours :) Don't forget to look at other foods (& drinks) & sell them as singles for the other new achieves. Hope it's OK to add my link, just delete it if not :)

  2. Hmm, I've missed this achi completely. Seems to be a good money maker as I haven't seen anyone selling cookies actively here.

  3. since i rerolled, i have not had the heart to go try to pile up chef awards from dalaran for the hat... This is the painfull things that you feel so much better about when you have a chefs hat... Love the idea, not sure if I can make myself do it...

    Still Great tip

  4. I missed this as well. I just check TUJ for chocolate cookies on my server, and over the last week several hundred of these have sold, but all for less than 2g each. There are currently none listed, so maybe I can jump in and increase the price.


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