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Patch 4.2 Gem Stacking and Epic Gems | Guest Post By Shikari

Today I have a guest post by Shikari of Shikari's AH.  Shikari is just getting his feet wet in WoW gold blogging.  Be sure to check out what he has to say on this new site at

Patch 4.2 and Stacked Gems
WoW Patch 4.2 is already shaping up to be an interesting patch for players with a lot of new things coming out. This includes a new zone with new factions, dailies, and most importantly a new raid. Patch 4.2 is also introducing a big change for WoW Jewelcrafters, the ability to stack cut gems.

This is going to have a dramatic effect on the gem economy across servers. A lot of my business comes from players who have just obtained a new piece of gear and need the gems quickly, so they buy them from the auction house. This change is going to effect that market in a unique way, but fear not Jewelcrafters this could be a good opportunity for us in several ways.

1.) If your server is anything like mine then obsidian ore and elementium ore have been crashing like there is no tomorrow. On my server the price for these ore’s has plummeted and last week I picked up 40 stacks of elementium for 23 gold a piece. Once the patch drops (even if epic gems are implemented), there will still be a demand for superior quality gems by players gearing up for new content.  If epic gems aren’t implemented, players who are progressing through the new raid content will still be buying the gems we are currently selling.  Some of these players, who don’t like repeated visits to the AH will take to buying multiple gems that they will be able to keep in their bags in stacks.

2.) Many players, feeling burned out took time off the game. One thing I noticed on my server, not too sure about other servers, was that after high end guilds managed to down all Cataclysm raid content (whether on heroic or normal), many of those guilds wound up quitting wow and stating they would be reforming with the release of Firelands. Many of these players will be coming back and these high end guilds will need cut gems.

This is a good opportunity for Jewelcrafters as many of those high end guild gem cutters did not do the gem dailies and obtain tokens during their hiatus.  Many of them may have only the basic cuts. Whether epic gems are implemented or not, many guilds who supply gems to their guild will jump to ensure that their guild bank has some cut gems on stock so they’re players will not waste much time trying to find someone to cut said gems.  If epic gems are implemented, many guilds and players will be wanted said gems for higher content and will be paying top dollar for cut epic gems so that they don’t have to go shopping for a JC with a particular cut.

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  1. Would you say it's worth it to spend some of the saved up JC tokens then? Im getting good income as it is but with 100+ tokens and a packed alt bank it just feels like alot of gold will be slipping past.

  2. @fallman

    I'm saving all of mine up and hoping they are used for epic gem cuts.

  3. Bag of Jewels is a 24 slot bag made by tailors that is sold by the Consortium if you have 'honored' level rep with them. I recently grinded rep with them just to buy this gem bag recipe.

    My plan is to offer the bag to jewelcrafters as a cost effective alternative to the new in patch 4.2 Luxurious Silk Gem bag that has 36 slots. Each silk bag requires 3 dreamcloths to create. A single dreamcloth requires 8 bolts of embersilk cloth and 30 volatiles.

    Multiply 8 x 3 =24 bolts of embersilk and 30 x 3 volatiles (90) to make 3 dreamcloths required to craft the Luxurious Silk gem bag. The bag is gonna be super expensive on the auction house.
    The Illusionary bag that only has 26 slots and is a regular bag crafted with 3 dreamcloths is 7800 gold on my server's auction house!

    Alternatively. jewelcrafters could buy regular 22 slot Embersilk & Glacial bags to stack their gems. The 24 slot Bag of Jewels has 2 more slots and that means 40 more gems in the bag!
    It is the best in value bag for jewecrafters when patch 4.2 hits the live servers.

    Bag of Jewels recipe sold by Consortium is fairly easy to get. You collect crystals and ivory tusks in Nagrand up to friendly and then warbeads, but getting a quest from the Consortium guy in Area 52 and grinding Zaxxis insignias is the fastest way to get to honored rep.

    I also did some Consortium quests and in 2 days I had the Bag of Jewels recipe.

  4. In response to Saffronia, I don't anticipate the Bag of Jewels being in that much demand period, after 4.2. Being able to stack the cut gems in 4.2, as is the rumor, you're immediately multiplying your storage density by 20 -- even without a bag.

    On the other hand, anyone who still finds it necessary to get a bag for gems, probably won't bother with a 24-slot bag now that a 36-slot bag is available. I suspect most players who still need the expanded capacity of a JC bag after cut gems can stack are mostly only the hard core sellers, and will prefer the 36-slots anyway. Any others would be smarter to buy an Embersilk Bag.

    If you check TUJ you'll find the 24-slotters move very slowly as is (3 in the past two weeks on my realm). Between having a better option now, and having the ability to stack the cuts, that very small demand for the 24s will all but disappear.

  5. Elementium ore prices have been dropping to below vendor prices on my server (at least when prospected).

    i picked up about 400 stacks around 15-19 gold, prospected each gem can be vendored for 5 gold 5x4= 20. So no matter where the market goes in 4.2, i can only earn money.

    Pyrite has also been very cheap, as low as 31g ea stack.

    I've long since passed the 100 K mark gold and i buy all the ore i can get my hands on, go all in for 4.2, there is no reason not to buy if elementium goes below 20g ea stack!

  6. @Lilith

    Careful though! If youa re planning on vendoring those uncut gems, you need to do it now before Patch 4.2 goes live.

    In Patch 4.2 the vendor value is being nerfed further, down to 50s per uncut gem. So a stack of 20 uncut gems that currently sells for 100g will only sell for 10g after the patch 4.2 goes live.

    More Gems Nerfs In Patch 4.2

  7. I've vendored most of my 5g gems now, kept 2 stacks of each type. Transmuted all red and organge.

    Was made aware of the changes today. But up until now it has been a good business model :)


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