Thursday, May 5, 2011

CGF April Gold Posts Recap

Welcome to all the new readers

Patch 4.1 has created a wave of players coming to Cold's Gold Factory.  Come on In and Join Us for Discussion.  Today is a recap post.  Each month I do a recap of the month before and highlight 10 gold posts or guides that appeared during the previous month.  I highlight the top 5 most popular and the 5 with the most comments / best discussion.  April saw some excellent topics to discuss, especially with the release of Patch 4.1 lurking.

WoW Gold Post And Guides Recap

Most Popular Gold Posts From April
Gold Posts / Guides With The Most Discussion From April
Other Stuff

Don't Miss Out on the Monthly Gold Blogging Carnivals here at Cold's Gold Factory.  Always looking for new participants and this is a great spot to read about centralized content.

The daily newsletter is going well and I have just released my first set of newsletter first tips this past weekend.  Sign up for Cold's Daily Gold Tips and become eligible for the newsletter only giveaways coming soon.

Be sure to listen to me and Wes of Capped by Cata over at the Auction House Junkies Podcast homepage.  Wes has gotten back into writing more frequent content so be sure to head back over his way and read some of the good stuff he's putting out.

Check out the first WoW gold guide I have authored:  Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery

Again - Thanks for checking out Cold's Gold Factory. 

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