Sunday, May 1, 2011

Children's Week Recap

The Search Page

I would like to draw some attention to the top of the page.  You should see a new tab up there labeled "Search".  This an Awesome New Feature I have added to make it easier to identify posts on specific topics.  You just search for specific items, posts, or topics and the search will return you a list of articles from Cold's Gold Factory and Auction House Junkies.

This new search feature will also allow me to moniter the topics searched for so that I can add some of the popular search topics to future blog posts.  So if you use the search, I can come up with some posts tailored to what you are looking for as readers.  Hell, it could even give Wes and I an idea for an episode on the Auction House Junkies WoW gold making podcast.
So Give It a Try!

Children's Week

Children's Week starts today.  So instead of providing a blog post with a recap of recent Children's Week posts, let's give the new Search feature a try.  So head on up to the Search tab and give it a try.

Search for Children's Week or whatever else you like.

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