Monday, May 16, 2011

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries Results

Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

The new tank and healer bribes from the Call To Arms dungeon feature have included a major variety of items within the various Satchels that I have received.  A couple days ago I wrote about how you can use these Satchels of Exotic Mysteries to transfer gold and items cross faction without using the neutral auction house.

On Auction House Junkies Episode #8 I mentioned how I was keeping record of all of my results from the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries.  I have just opened my 10th Satchel and am reporting those results here.

  1. 46g 04s 90c, 1 Inferno Ruby
  2. 35g 64s 40c, 1 Flask of the Winds
  3. 69g 87s 25c, 1 Dream Emerald, 1 Reins of the White Polar Bear
  4. 46g 59s 19c, 2 Mythical Healing Potions
  5. 35g 85s 78c, 1 Ember Topaz
  6. 62g 91s 51c, 1 Flask of Steelskin
  7. 49g 18s 61c, 1 Ocean Sapphire
  8. 87g 84s 76c, 1 Earthen Potion
  9. 98g 23s 51c, 1 Inferno Ruby
  10. 49g 01s 84c, 2 Runescroll of Fortitude II
So you can see with the first 10 bags I have received on my tank, I did get one epic mount.  Unfortunately I already had that one.  So it went to an alternate WoW character of mine.

The amount of gold received is no where near what the repair costs are on many of the ZA / ZG runs.  You can profit much more reliably by running the Random Cataclysm Heroics instead of the Za / ZG Heroics.  Far less wipes overall and the regular heroic runs are much faste.  Therefore the regular heroics are a better use of time, if you are just farming for the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries


  1. I had just written about my first 2 satchel runs on my new blog at yesterday. Not nearly in depth as this, I just find it amusing that we both point out the repair costs XD
    Avid reader,

  2. Well if you are farming for profit go mine or pick flowers.

    Also remember the Zandalari heroics gives more VP than you can sell in form of the BoE boots.

  3. I used to think this "Call to Arms" would be a good thing.For a good tank it is a good thing, but when I get on my hunter and que, its a given that 4/5 of the tanks we get are dipshits....

  4. I love it man. Keep keeping up with it, I'm doing the same.


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