Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Profit From Icy Prism, Frozen Orbs, & Wrath Gems

Icy Prism Cooldown Removed

Icy Prism Cooldown Removed

Since Patch 4.1, the cooldown on the jewelcrafting item Icy Prism has been removed.  Jewelcrafters used to be restricted to crafting only 1 Icy Prism per day, but we can now craft as many as we like.  Icy Prism can be a very profitable option for making in game World of Warcraft gold with your Jewelcrafting profession.

Icy Prism Materials

  • 1 Frozen Orb
  • 1 Chalcedony
  • 1 Dark Jade
  • 1 Shadow Crystal

Finally we have a way to dump the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal gems, which are pretty useless, unless you are able to sell focusing crystals on your server.  I have tried it before and they just don't move.  I tend to end up vendoring the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystal when I need bank space, but I am glad I didn't get rid of too many of them as we finally have a use for them with the Icy Prism cooldown being removed.

Profiting From Icy Prisms

Opening an Icy Prism will provide you with multiple rare Wrath of the Lich King gems as well as a chance to get an epic Wrath gem and / or a Dragon's Eye.  There is profit to be made, depending on how cheap you can get frozen orbs and the required uncommon gems for the Icy Prism creation.  I just bought about 40 Frozen Orbs price as 6-8 gold each, which is an excellent price.

Wrath Gems Are Still Selling

Believe it or not, the Wrath of the Lich King gems do still sell.  Of course they sell much slower than they did last WoW expansion, but there still is a demand for the old gems.  Why?  The uncommon gems from Cataclysm require a minimum item level of i285 in order to be socketted.  This means leveling characters won't be using Cata gems until their gear is of high enough level, so they have no choice but to use the older gems in their gear as they level.  There are very few gem sellers in this market on many of the servers, so don't dismiss it as not worth your time.

The rare gems from your Icy Prisms can be cut and sold on the auction house to leveling characters.  I tend to stick to some of the most common cuts for each color that are more likely to sell, instead of selling a wide variety in each color.  If you get an epic gem, then you can sell those for a nice amount also.  The dragon's eye is what you are hoping to get in your Icy Prism.  They can be combined with 5 infinite dust to create the Nightmare Eye +10 to all stats gem which sells for 200+ gold each.  There currently is no Cataclysm equivalent for this prismatic gem and it has always been a highly popular choice to stick into helms that have a gem slot as they are great for helping with meta requirements since they count as each color of gem.

So those of us with extra gems from the saronite shuffle have a new way to profit off of all of the previously near worthless green and purple Wrath uncommon gems.

Anyone else been profiting from the Icy Prism cooldown removal?


  1. If you have level 70 and level 80 twinks on your server this helps a lot too.

  2. PVP gems do well, especially mystics and willfuls. Also I have a snatch list for rare Wrath gems. You'd be amazed about how many I can snag below cut vendor costs. I've also been able to sell some cut uncommon wrath gems for about 6-10g each. They tend to be real popular for people getting socketed gear out of the bc dungeons.

  3. Additionally, you can buy the epic gems for jp/honor! Check today's post on my blog out for more details =)


    (and there's even a plug to this blog too heh)

  4. Well i decided to farm dungeons to get jp to buy alot of frozen orbs. im getting them for free and selling them for 100g ea


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