Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Neglecting Your Banks?

Too Much Stock?

Is there ever a point where you have too much stock?  I definately say yes.  I know what it is like to have too many random things stockpiled.  When I first started gathering materials and items that could benefit my other characters, I was much more of a pack rat then an efficient organizer.  Anything of potential value got stored in the bank.  Any material used to craft or cook was stocked into the guild bank. 

I began hoarding all kinds of materials and working on a WoW stockpile. Each time I leveled a new crafting profession, I had the majority of the items already saved up from my multiple alts who constantly kept the vault stocked with odds and ends.  Now that all of my characters are near maxed in all of their professions, I still have that main guildbank stocked full of all kinds of crafting materials, raw goods, and enhancement items for my alts.  They just don't need those items anymore.  So a lot of what is left in the guildbank is outdated junk that I've been needing to sort over and organize.

Spring Cleaning

Sometimes I tell myself I need to clean out these guild banks and get them organized.  I also want to clear a lot of the completely, sell the guildbank, and move my alt back into my main guild for the benefit of guild perks.  This time I finally took the initiative and I am moving some items to the auction house in order to consolidate. 

One big thing I noticed is that I had been neglecting to keep the guild bank in order for quite some time.  I found items that are now greyed items and have no value other than to be vendored.  I had been passing down Argent Dawn reputation items from alt to alt and still had some stocked up in the guildbank.  Well they are all now grey vendor trash.  Definately a lesson in losing value over time.  Only stock away items that are going to be used in your routine currently or that will gain in value.  The majority of items tend to decay in value over time.  Finding the right item to stock away and save that will increase in value is the ideal item for stockpiling.


  1. This sounds so familiar! I levelled JC & tailoring mainly from my various stashes & I've had to increase bag sizes in my toons bank. I only have 1 gbank & I'm resisting buying another tab because I know it will fill up with random stuffs.

    I just wish we could have a 'wardrobe' bag like the keyring. I worked hard for those pretty festival outfits & I don't want to get rid of them but oh boy, do they take up space!

  2. I have 10 toons with maxed out banks and 6 guild banks with 6 tabs each. With all that space, you'd think I would never run out of room, but I do. For me, the automailing feature of TradeSkillManager has helped bring order to the madness. Each bank is now devoted to one set of goods: metal/ore, pets, cloth/bags, leather, herbs/glyphs, and elementals/alchemy. The banks of the two characters that don't have private guild banks specialize in jewels and enchanting mats. The upside of this is that I always know which toon has any given mat and it makes auctioning very simple. The downside is that I have to visit 3 or more alts to gather all of the mats required to craft tranquil mechanical yetis on my engineer. Oh, and I send all my random rep items to my cloth/bag alt since he has extra space. TSM keeps me consistent (since at times I can't resist picking up an herb bargain when I'm on my metal/ore alt, tsm makes sure the herbs end up with the correct alt).

    It's still not perfect. I haven't entered the enchanting mat/scroll market in a big way yet and eventually I'll need to return to the jewelcrafting market that I abandoned when cata hit and that may require another couple guild banks. It's a lot of work to get all the mailing and auctioning rules set up, but once everything is finally in place, it's a dream to see it all execute flawlessly.

  3. Same, my current motivation to clean out are:
    2 bank tabs of Herbs, alchy and herby are already leveled, clean it out, no need for them.
    2 bank tabs of cloth, hang on to for the tailor who is still leveling
    1 bank tab of misc fine...
    1 bank tab of food, needs to go, I will likely wait till thanksgiving to level cooking on anyone anyway...

    that leave 2 bank tabs of cloth and one of misc items commited.

    3 tabs can be opened up for...

    Long term investments...
    Pyrite ore (potential epic gems)
    elementium geode pets (really long plan here)
    4.2 stuff
    Volatile earth, water, fire
    Pristine hides
    Hardened elementium

    IMO each has low potential to lose any value, values seem to have already hit the floor value.

    Each has great potential to be greatly profitable flip as raw mats OR flip into sales on crafted goods

  4. You want to know something i have found rather interesting ...

    I read about building stockpiles in banks etc in a lot of guides and yet I haven't managed to build one up, as I end up crafting and listing/selling all the stuff.

    Maybe Im doing it wrong, but I guess gold is gold as they say :)


  5. I guess stockpiling & hording 'stuff' is slightly different though :) Stockpiling is lots of the same 'has a value' item (like cata ores/herbs/volatiles) whereas hording is 'shove it in the bank cos it may be useful one day' :-D

  6. @Nev

    Totally Agree. Problem is I can't seem to keep the line between hoarding and stockpiling from getting too blurry.


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