Saturday, May 28, 2011

MFC Mastery Reviews and Affiliate Program

Reviews By Other Bloggers

The Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery WoW Gold Making Guide has been a great success.  Sales have been moving along well, with no complaints and no refunds!  I have just opened up the affiliate program for others to promote the guide.  Find out the details on the MFC Mastery Guide Affiliate Program tab.

Here are a few reviews of the guide by other bloggers.  Be sure to see what these bloggers had to say about the guide.  If you end up doing a review yourself, be sure to forward me the link and I can add your review to this list as well.

More great gold tips tommorrow.

Spotlight:  Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery by Wes of Capped By Cata
"Cold has made a crazy amount of Gold on these things since their infancy, as they play on peoples emotions and greed, the ability to capitalize is far from over. If you've ever wanted to take a small step at becoming truly wealthy, this one is worth your time and the small investment."

R9sid9nt9vil's review at
"I would have to say this is the first guide I bought that had an “Answer” in it that I didn’t have myself and most likely wouldn’t have come up with on my own. It was well worth the money."

Shamanae's Review At Ele-mental Gold
"The 4k profit on the first day is just the beginning because you need to invest time into it so people get the hang of it and get addicted. All in all I think the guide is worth it's money. With little effort I was already looking at a 28k profit per week rate from just a single item which is amazing. If we look at a monthly rate this could be 112k a month at least and that for a minor $11 lesson."

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