Saturday, December 17, 2011

Low Level Jewelcrafting - Malachite Pendant

Malachite Pendant Discovery

One of the benefits of doing activities within World of Warcraft outside of just making gold is that you broaden your knowledge base.  This also leads to the ability to discover new ideas or new possibilities for making gold in WoW.  If you've listened to the recent episodes of The Auction House Junkies podcast, then you know I have been having fun twinking alts for the low level brackets.  With this new experiment into level 10-14 twinking, I too have made a few discoveries.  Learning new activities within the game often leads to creative impulses and new ways to make gold.

Since I have been mainly working on twinking within the level 10-14 battleground brackets, I discovered one important thing.

Did you know that for the level 10-14 bracket there is only 1 neck piece available? 

And it is a low level Jewelcrafting item, the Malachite Pendant.  Since it is the only option for a twink neckpiece for level 13-14, these will sell to twinks of all kinds.
Malachite Pendant

The Malachite Pendant is a nice niche item for Jewelcrafters of all levels.  The required crafting materials are super common and cheap on most auction houses.  The Malachite Pendant takes only 1 Copper Wire and 1 Malachite to craft.  This is the only option for any level 13 or 14 twink, regardless of class, so they do sell on the WoW auction house.  I have been crafting and posting a few for 25 gold each, which is way more than the crafting cost.  They do sell, because there simply is no other option for gearing out a twink at that level bracket.  The great thing is that the Malachite Pendant adds +2 Agility.  Which 2 twink classes are most popular at low levels?  Yup, Hunter and Rogue are by far the most popular, which is another reason these are a great seller on any low level twink inhabited WoW server.  Even paladins, warriors, shaman, and other classes will wear this for the melee crit bonus that agility gives.

The Malachite Pendant is also a great option for crafting while you level a new Jewelcrafting character's profession skill.  It should be a nice addition to any common commodity crafting approach as opposed to the gold wasting power leveling approach.

So when you are out and about in other areas of Azeroth doing non-gold making activities, keep your eyes peeled for new ideas and options for making even more gold within the World of Warcraft.
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  1. I love selling Mala pendants aswell. There's little competition on my realm and they are always profitable! There's other low level jewelcrafting items that are profitable also, especially when copper ore is cheap!

  2. Totally Agree Kuja!

    I have been selling some nice blue rings as well that are cheap to make (for higher level levelers and twinks).

  3. I love it all.. I have abused this tactic w/ JC, LW, BS, tailoring... if it has cardinal stats (agi, str, int) or stamina it sells, if it has both all the better... especially in the 10-14 bracket... you can not do LFD till 15... the better ones are bracers, boots, legs and jewelry since there are no heirlooms for those slots... its a great starter tactic for anyone...

  4. That is wrong. Voice Amplificator Necklace, is another neck available.

    It is BiS and the only piece for 10-12 Twink.

    Also BiS for caster class at any level in the 10-14 Bracket.

    Still, Malachite Pendant is the only piece for twink in this bracet that gives stats. So BiS for any non caster 13+ twink

  5. Ah! Nice catch! I haven't twinked any casters and never heard on that neck piece! Nice find for casters to wear. Thanks for the tip.

  6. The VAN is often forgotten because it's almost impossible to find someone that actually has the pattern. It's so rare that even twinks generally don't even know that it exists.


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