Saturday, December 10, 2011

Transformations and Shatters For Profit And Savings

Nexus Crystals for Nexus Transformation

Transformations and Shatters

Maelstrom Shatter

Enchanting has some nice utility options for converting less used Enchanting materials into more useful ones.  Right now there is a lot of buzz over the new Maelstrom Shatter that was added to WoW with Patch 4.3.  The Maelstrom Shatter recipe allows 1 Maelstrom Crystal to be shattered into 2 Heavenly Shards by an Enchanter.  Shattering Maelstrom Crystals can be a source of profit, if you are able to get your Maelstrom Crystals for less than the cost of 2 Heavenly Shards.  Or instead of selling the Shards for profit, you can use the Maelstrom Shatter as a source for lowering your crafting cost of Enchanting scrolls.  Or, if you are like me, you do both:  Sell Shards when the prices spike and also utilize the Shatters for cheaper material sources.

Abyssal Shatter

Abyssal Shatter is another Enchanting option for Shattering Abyss Crystals into Greater Cosmic Essences or Infinite Dust.  This can often be a cheap source of both Dusts and Essences depending on how cheap you can snatch up those Abyss Crystals.  When purchasing Creater Cosmic Essences and Infinite Dust, don't forget to check the prices of Abyss Crystals too.  I little extra work can often save you a nice chunk of gold.

Nexus Transformation and Void Shatter

Nexus Transformation allows an Enchanter to Transform 1 Nexus Crystal into 1 Small Prismatic Shard.  Three Small Prismatic Shards can be crafted into 1 Large Prismatic Shard, which is used in many more Enchanting recipes.  So the cost of 3 Nexus Crystals should be equal to the cost of 1 Large Prismatic Shard.  You can often get the Nexus Crystals for dirt cheap, as evidenced in the top image, where I was buying Nexus Crystals for .59 gold each, which converted to a crafting cost of 1.77 gold for a Large Prismatic Shard.  At the same time, the Large Prismatic were 17 gold each on the auction house.  (Note: this isn't shown on TUJ data because I bought them all out in between TUJ hourly scans.)   So I bought the few 17g ones and made many more for much cheaper, since I needed a lot for the Enchants I was crafting at the time.

On the other hand, you can also get Large Prismatic Shards from Void Shatter.  The Enchanting recipe Void Shatter created 2 Large Prismatic Shards from 1 Void Crystal.  So when looking for the best price on Large Prismatic Shards, you should consider the prices of Large Prismatic Shards themselves, Small Prismatic Shards, Nexus Crystals, and Void Crystals.  Understanding the relationships between all 4 will allow you to find cheaper materials and crafting costs, which in turn will lead you to more profitable sales.  You can also play around with the conversions and profit from forming more expensive materials to sell from the cheaper material options.

Making higher profits and finding lower crafting costs go hand in hand with being a more efficient gold maker in World of Warcraft.

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