Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goblin Engineering Gold Runs

WoW Engineering Gold Runs

Engineering has long been my favorite profession in World of Warcraft. The convenience and utility of the Engineering profession is rivaled by no other WoW profession. What I really love is all of the great teleporting options that an engineer has at his disposable, second only to the mage class. Toss engineering onto a mage character and it really gets easy to transport yourself all around Azeroth in no time at all.
There are 2 specific specialization options to choose in Engineering - Goblin or Gnomish Specialization. Gnomish Engineering focuses more on trinkets and utility items, while the Goblin Engineers focus more on explosives and bombs. The Goblin and Gnomish Engineers both have distinct teleportation location options that are specific for each Engineering specialization. Today, I will be covering some gold making options for utilizing the teleportation system of the Goblin Engineers.

Engineering Teleports

The 2 teleportation devices that are unique to the Goblin Engineers are:
  • Dimensional Ripper - Area-52
  • Dimensional Ripper - Everlook

 The 2 teleportation devices that are unique to the Gnomish Engineers are:

  • Ultrasafe Transporter - Toshley's Station
  • Ultrasafe Transporter - Gadgetzan
Both Goblin and Gnomish Engineers have access to the:

  • Wormhole Generator - Various Northrend Location Options

Goblin Engineering Teleportation Gold Run

Well, teleports are cool and all, but how do we make gold with them? Well, let me give you some ideas. Here is a sample Engineering Gold Run utilizing your various teleportation devices as a Goblin Engineer.
  1. Use your Dimensional Ripper - Area 52.
  2. In Area 52 - Check for Khorium Power Core and Adamantite Frame on the vendor.
  3. Fly to Stormspire.
  4. Grab companion pets to flip from Exotic Pet Dealer.
  5. Grab Secret Recipe to flip for major profit from Exotic Weapons Dealer.
  6. Use Dimensional Ripper - Winterspring.
  7. Grab Winterspring Cubs from the vendor inside the inn, Michelle De Rum.
  8. Grab recipes from Qia, the Trade Supplies vendor, to flip.
  9. Grab recipes to flip from Xixxer Fizzbolt, the Engineering Supplies vendor.
  10. Use Wormhole Generator - Port to Scholazar Basin (Unless Underground Location appears as an option).
  11. Fly to Oracles camp and buy Mysterious Egg for a chance at the pets to flip in three days.
  12. Port (with Kirin Tor Ring) or Fly to Dalaran.
  13. Grab Dalaran Pets and recipes from vendors to flip.
This is just one of the many options for porting around as a goblin engineer looking to make gold in WoW. You can also vary your portal choices from the Wormhole Generator, since the Mysterious Egg from the Oracles is on a 3 day cooldown. And you can always try for your chance at the "Underground" option and grab those Engineering recipes to flip.

Engineering is all about utility and mobility. Use this to your advantage in your travels around Azeroth.

Thanks to Twitchiegw of Twitchie Enterprises for helping clear up an issue where I thought these recipes for the teleportation devices had been removed from the game in this last Patch.  If you need to learn the recipes for the devices, talk to the engineers by the devices in the prospective towns.  Thanks Twitchie and Faid for the catch. 

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  1. Hey Cold, I have been reading your site for over a year. With a week before Winter Veil, I was wondering when we could see another one of your reminders of when to post, etc. I normally post mine a few hours before mid-night so I can get the early posts.

    Anyways, I always enjoy your posts as a fresh perspective on things.

  2. Guess I can work something up, but Winter Veil is just a terrible undercut fear on eggs since last years start time change. Winters veil starts at 8 am now so the thousands in sales from being wise and posting the night before just don't exist anymore. Instead the is an 8 am undercutting bloodbath.

  3. Hmm, never thought about using my ports for this (always thought it was just for a chance at hawt female orc thighs!), but then again I have just never had a lot of luck flipping vendor stuff. I think it's because I am a terrible liar. People see right through me...even on the AH. :(

  4. The ultra safe transporter recipes have not been removed. My DK engineer got them yesterday.

  5. Hey there man I JUST stumbled upon your there any help that you can tell me for something ? I accidentally deleted engineering and they restored it. UNFORTUNATELY they didn't give me my goblin part back. So......where do I go to relearn goblin ?

  6. @Stovie

    Since 4.3 you can talk to the trainers in major cities, but I prefer Dalaran as it has the best overall location for crafting as an engineer


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