Friday, July 16, 2010

Khorium Power Core, Adamantite Frames, Heavy Knothide Leather

Been Sellin All 3 of these as they are required for quests in Outlands.  These days there a lot more people trying to do Loremaster, so make sure to help them out by providing the quest items they need at vastly inflate prices. 
I Sell Khorium Power Cores for 125g.  You have 2 options here.  Craft it as an engineer, if you have 6 Khorium Ore and a Primal Fire or just go to See Quiff at Area 52.  If you camp here you can buy a premade one off her for under 5g!  this goblin also sells Adamantite Frame for 4g.  I also craft and sell these, because they are needed for the same quest as the Khorium Power Core as well as a very common pre-quest that opens up multiple chains of quests.  So these and the required sets of 4 Heavy Knothide Leather for the same quest do sell.  I set my stacks of 4 HKL at 25g and 1 Adamantite frame is 35g. 
Other easy sells for quest items are Advanced Targeting Dummy, Strong Troll's Blood Elixir, Deadly Blunderbuss, and many many more.

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