Monday, July 12, 2010

Make Extra Gold Tonight & Tommorrow

Why is that you ask? 

Tonight is the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby and tommorrow is the All Star Game. 

Super Bowl Sunday was a great money maker, due to the lack of competition as people are not in-game and are watching the big sporting event.  Make sure to post just before, during, and after these 2 events as history shows your competition will be lighter on these nights.  Many people won't even log in and will be glued to the tv all night.  So this is a good time to try to control markets for a couple of days and get extra profits.  Also less people on overall means better chances at winning bids you snipe tonight before server goes down for maintenance. 

Also be sure to post some 48 hr posts today that will not get eaten up by downtime black hole.  Having auctions that you post late tonight that will return and be up after the maintenance time will reap you major rewards as Tuesday Downtime + 48hr returning posts + MLB All Star Game stealing away competitors = a Chance for the Little Guy to be the Monopolist for a couple of days. 

Take head, plan ahead, and maximize profits!



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