Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Using the Master Craftables List

I recently posted my compiled The Master Craftables List but how do you get good use of it?  Let's break it down.
First off anything marked DMF is a craftable turn in - accepted by the Darkmoone Faire.  These items will sell much better during the week of the Faire.  The quantity listed shows how many per turn in are required.  The higher level items will sell better because those are the ones you can get more turn ins for tickets once you cap out the cheaper turn ins.
The ones listed with a profession like:  Big Black Mace Weaponsmith x2

means this item is required for a specialization quest.  Although the point of the quests are to craft them to complete the quest, you can buy them as well and turn them in.  So you may sell some of these to crafters grinding up their skill, but if they planned properly they won't need you.
Anything listed as Horde or Alliance means, the quest is only on that faction.  So maybe try to move some of these on the neutral auction house.
Anything from this list that you can recall the associated quest, will probably sell well.  The Badlands items are a good example.  That is a chain quest that allows you to knock out a handful of quests, if you go to the questgiver with all the items.
So check it out and see if there are any craftables you can make for profit.  Also, if you are levelling a profession, make these items as you level, so you can sell your grind items, instead of just grinding to vendor.

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