Saturday, July 17, 2010

Master Craftables List

Since there are a lot of people working on the Loremaster Title, I decided to create a Master List of All Craftable Items that are used for quests.  I took out the professions specific items that are easy to make yourself to get new recipes, the EPL Writs, and Silithis Tactical Turn-Ins.  So these are items that can sell to Loremaster wanna-be's as well as to levelling alts.  DMF = Dark moon Faire turn ins, which sell during the Darkmoon Faire.  Options for expanding your business here.

Craftable Item Quest Use Quantity Single Sided?
Accurate Scope Gnomish Eng
Adamantite Frame SMV
Adamantite Frame SMV
Advanced Target Dummy Desolace
Advanced Target Dummy Gnomish Eng x2
Arcanite Bar Lok Epic Mount Quest
Arcanite Bar Pally Epic Mount Quest x6
Barbaric Harness DMF x3
Big Black Mace DMF
Big Black Mace Weaponsmith x2
Bolt of Runecloth DM- Ogre Suit x4
Bronze Tube Duskwood Alliance
Bronze Tube Rogue Quest Alliance
Coarse Weightstone DMF x10
Copper Modulator DMF x5
Cured Rugged Hide EPL x4
Dark Iron Bar EPL x3
Deadly Blunderbuss Warsong - Ashenvale Horde
Delicate Arcanite Converter Tanaris
Dense Grinding Stone DMF x8
Elemental Air Shaman Quest
Elemental Earth Shaman Quest
Elemental Fire Shaman Quest
Elemental Water Shaman Quest
Elixer of Mastery Elixir Master x5
Elixer of Minor Fortitude Stonetalon x2 Alliance
Elixer of Shadow Power Lok Quest x2
Elixir of Fortitude Feralas x2 Alliance
Elixir of Lion's Strength Alchemy x6 Alliance
Elixir of Major Agility Elixir Master x5
Elixir of Major Defense Elixir Master x5
Elixir of Minor Defense Alchemy x2 Alliance
Embossed Leather Boots DMF x3
Enchanted Leather EPL x20
Enchanted Thorium Bar EPL Alliance
Felsteel Bar SMV x2
Flask of Supreme Power Blackrock
Frost Oil DM Trap
Frost Oil Badlands
Goblin Rocket Fuel Chimaraek Chops Quest x20
Golden Rod EPL
Green Firework DMF x36
Green Iron Bracers DMF x3
Gyrochronatom Badlands
Healing Potion Badlands
Heavy Grinding Stone DMF x7
Heavy Knothide Leather SMV x4
Heavy Mithril Axe Weaponsmith x2
Hi-Explosive Bomb EPL x8
Hillman's Cloak Hillsbrad Alliance
Khorium Power Core SMV
Lesser Invisibility Potion Badlands
Major Dreamless Sleep Potion Potion Master x5
Mana Potion Uldaman Alliance
Massive Iron Axe Weaponsmith x4
Mechanical Repair Kits DMF x6
Minor Mana Potion Stonetalon x4 Alliance
Mithril Casing Un-Goro
Mithril Tube Gnomish Eng x6
Mooncloth EPL x3
Moonsteel Broadsword Weaponsmith x4
Overcharged Capacity Borean Alliance
Patterned Bronze Bracers Badlands
Primal Might Transmutation Master x4
Robes of Arcana Lok Quest
Rugged Armor Kits DMF x8
Sharp Claw BS x2
Smoked Desert Dumplings Cooking Quest x10
Steel Breastplate Armorsmith x4 Horde
Steel Plate Helm Armorsmith x4 Horde
Stonescale Oil Tanaris x10
Super Healing Potion Potion Master x5
Super Mana Potion Potion Master x5
Thorium Widget DM Trap
Thorium Widget DMF x6
Toughened Leather Armor DMF x3
Unstable Trigger EPL x8
Whirring Bronze Gizmo DMF x7


  1. Very helpful. thank you!

  2. Looks like I somehow missed

    Strong Troll's Blood Potion / Hillsbrad / x1


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