Saturday, July 31, 2010

Looking For: Cata Beta Testers

I am not in the beta-test of cataclysm, but I am looking for someone who is that can start to help build a list of craftables that have been added / removed as quest completion requirements.  If you have this knowledge please email me so we can work on a guest post by you, or leave tidbits on this page as comments as you find them. 

So have any quests that required crafted items changed, like the Warsong quest that took Deadly Blunderbuss.  Is it still in?  Did it get removed?  Are the quest rewards changed? 

If we know the answers to questions like this, it will help us to prepare these required craftables for sale to all the new characters levelling in the new content.

So any Beta Testers that can help out, please do.
Thanks in advance!

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