Sunday, December 4, 2011

Making Gold On Patch 4.3 Dungeon Quest Rewards

Patch 4.3 Dungeons, Free Loot, And Upgrades

Patch 4.3 has brought all kinds of new gear upgrades for many players thanks to the new 5-man dungeons, the new raid, the looking for raid system, and the placement of the old Valor gear on the Justice points vendors.  This has many players turning to the auction house for enhancing their newly obtained gear.  This is where we can make a large chunk of gold in World of Warcraft, by providing the items required to enhance these new item upgrades.

Remember at the start of Patch 4.3 and how well the cloak enchants were selling?  That was due to the quest chain from Thrall that reward you a choice of a new cloak, which was higher level than many non-raiders had access to.  This led to a nice increase in demand for all cloak enchants, which in turn, led to more sales and higher selling prices.

Patch 4.3 is even better.  In WoW Patch 4.3 we got three new 5-man dungeons and each of the new dungeons has 2 quests that reward gear upgrades.  These are item level 378 pieces of gear, which will send players to the auction house looking for new enhancements.  So let's take a look into the various new dungeon quest rewards and see how we can profit as auctioneering goblins.

Patch 4.3 New Dungeon Quest Rewards Gear

The WoW Patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight broughts us 2 new dungeons.

  1. End Time
  2. Well of Eternity
  3. Hour of Twilight
Within each dungeon are quest givers and each dungeon starts two new quests or chains.  These quests each award epic gear, so every player that completes all 3 of the new dungeons will get to choose 6 pieces of gear.  Some of these items will be chosen as the best item to disenchant or sell to a vendor, but a lot of these items will be upgrades for many characters.  That's where we take a look at which items are options to be obtained from these new easy to complete dungeon quests and gauge which enhancements to sell.  These are the easiest to be obtained, but there are still many other ways that players are getting new gear.  This is only looking into one source of incoming items.

What Loot Types Come From The New Dungeons?

Here are the item types that are available from the quest rewards.  The line in each list seperates the groups of choices from each of the 2 quests.  So the items above the line are the choices for quest 1, while the items below the line are the options to choose from on quest 2.

End Time
  • Tank Gun
  • Hunter Hands
  • Druid Boots
  • Cloth Head (with Meta-slot)
  • Cloth Hands
  • DPS Plate Hands
  • Wand
Well Of Eternity
  • Agility Ring
  • Healing Cloth Waste
  • Druid Healing Chest
  • DPS Plate Boots
  • Strength DPS Bow
  • Shaman Healing Belt
  • Off Hand
  • Holy Pally Boots
Hour Of Twilight
  • Wand
  • DPS Strength Ring
  • Healer Ring
  • Caster Ring
  • Cloth Healer Hands
  • Mail Waist
Looking at these possible item choices from the new Hour of Twilight dungeons you should be able to see some item enhancements to sell.  
  • Gloves Enchants
  • Caster Meta-Gems (Burning)
  • Belt Buckles
  • Boots Enchants
  • Scopes
  • Chest Enchants
These are all selling well right now, due to these ghetto upgrades handed out for free within the new Patch 4.3 dungeons.  Looking back at this list, I am going to add a few off-hand enchants to my sales list if the prices are right.  Hope these lists help trigger something for you that you may have missed.

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  1. Shame I can not still do the new dungeons, that would come in handy to sell, but still I can try to see if I can flip some of it.

  2. Great thinking! I've been raking in on the mighty stats to chest and some cloak and boot enchants as well after valor caps reset for the first time.

    I also server/faction xferred a toon the first week AFTER hitting valor cap and had it reset (woohoo!) so I was able to get a pair of those BOE boots out a week before everyone else. Tried to act like I knew about it all along, heh.


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