Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Off Topic: IRL Troubles and Blog Consistency

Real Life Sucks

The past few months have been insanely stressful and hectic for me in real life.  I appreciate all of the kind words of support and encouragement from those I have clued into my real life fiasco as of late.  I would like to formaly apologize for my inconsistency with posting over the past few months here at Cold's Gold Factory.  My goal for the new year of 2012 is to get back to a much more regular posting schedule for the blog, so I can continue to share gold making tips and tricks with my great readers.  That goal may be pushed off until a month or two into the new year as the stress and issues are still not fixed and more continue to be piled on.  I have been having a very hard time focusing on gold making posts with all of the drama, turmoil, and hardship I've been experiencing in the real world.

I split from the evil Ex (Good Riddance!), but for financial reasons was still living in our old apartment, which was in her name.  All of the utilities bills were in her name as well.  Even though she moved out, she did nothing short of make my life a living hell, while I stayed there through the end of the lease (since I had prepaid).  Multiple times I came home to no power, no cable, or no internet even though I had paid the bills already.

I had terrible luck finding a new place for myself to move to for various reasons (pets, credit, lack of recent lease, etc.)  As of just a couple of weeks ago, I was prepared to move into a cheap run down pay by the week hotel, but that meant I would have to give away my faithful companion, my pure seal-point Siamese, Berg'inyon.  I searched and searched for a room to share or an apartment to stay in so that I could keep my cat, who would have been terribly heartbroken if I would have given him away.  Siamese are more like familiars than they are pets.  So I had to keep looking to find a place for me and my sidekick.  I was even turned down for an apartment in the same damn complex I had been staying in and paying the rent for 3 years.  Denied!  It was looking grim.

I was lucky enough to finally find a 2 bedroom shared apartment with a roommate.  And the landlord was willing to pull some tricks and get me into the apartment approved as a roommate.  See I was taking over 1 room from 1 of the current roommates who was returning home to care for an ill parent and the other roommate was staying.  We would be splitting bills and rent in half, which was affordable for me.  Turns out a day after moving in, the roommate has been evicted for not paying his parking fees and I'm stuck with the entire $800 per month rent all on my shoulders.  So now I am stuck in a new big 2 bedroom, I can't afford.  I have no other option but to find another person to be a roommate to share rent and bills within the next couple of weeks.

No internet connection in my new place yet.  No cable either.  The ex stole my DvD player also.  I am bored out of my mind with nothing to do but be on my phone and the Remote Auction House, but that can only go so far.  I've tried working up posts, but have a hard time focusing.  I'm trying to get a dvd player tonight and will try to get the internet going ASAP so I can resume normal activity and find a new roommate, but it may take a while.  I still owe both the cable company and the electric company nice hefty chunks of money from an old apartment.  Both of these were going on my bankruptcy that is half complete, but I am going to get stuck paying them off just to be able to get power and cable / internet in my new place. 

So I met my 2 main goals of a) not being homeless and b) not losing my cat, but at what cost?  I may have an apartment with no utilities here in a week or two once the old roommate cancels his accounts.  Hopefully, I will be able to get the bills paid off and utilities turned on and make this extreme stress and drama go away.

I've been hitting some very low depths of depression mixed with some heavy anxiety as it seems everything is in turmoil as of late and I thought I had a solution, until the recent events that have be as the sole lease holder in the place I was moving in as a second roommate.  It's too late to back out as I'm on the lease already and have no other options anyways.  I'm really at a loss and have to find a fix for these problems. 

I can continue to blog a bit from work after everyone else has left, but even that has been hard to do lately.  I really want to get all of this drama straightened out so I can get back to living a normal life and being a more consistent blogger and gold community member. 

Thanks for letting me get these issues off my chest.  I really have no friends in the real world to talk to.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I try to hold it all together and stay positive.

See ya on Twitter,


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  1. :( Wow, well I can honestly say I have experienced a little bit of a lot of what you talked about, but I was always fortunate to have great family and friends nearby to help me out in tough times.
    Whatever greater power you do or don't believe in, I hope it sends you a blessing, a miracle, or both! :)

  2. Sorry to ear that Cold, I hope everything sorts out really soon, and just wish you the best, if you need anything I can help let me know.

    Hope for the best.

  3. Hang in there Cold, don't worry about the blog just get yer life back on an even keel and keep yer kitty!!!

  4. Thanks guys and gals!

    Check out my twitter pics

    There is a great pic of my baby!

  5. Hang in there brother, i've been stuck between a rock and a hard place my self and i can only tell you one thing, you come out of it as a more hardy individual. I know it might look grim at times, but hang on, and don't let anything come between you and your cat, who's awesome by the way.

    As for the ex, good riddance if you were lucky enough to see her for her bull**** before you married her, then this whole thing that you think that is a disaster might be a blessing in disguise of a sort. So all i'm saying is, keep your head up, and things will take a turn for the better.


  6. I guess the silver lining would be that it doesn't sound like it could get much worse...hopefully.

    At any rate, adversity keeps you on your toes. I'm sure you'll find a way to pull through this. Good luck, man

  7. i just moved out from quebec to ontario, for a brand new start, college and work, Starting from scratch, no friends, only a mom and few things. Had to leave my gf in quebec that i was living with for 3 years, my burnese mountain dog, for which we were unable to find apartment in the city, man we just love those animles, and we shud keep trying to be happy. As for you brother, make sure life gets better first, wow is gonna be there wen u will need it.

  8. Cold, You are an important part of the community. At the time I started blogging I was at one of the lowest points in my life I had been in in years.

    Blogging was a great way to build a routine and also build relationships. You are at the point now where you can lean on the community for moral support.

    My advice would be to try as hard as you can to stay connected to the community. Tweet, DM, go to a local library on your days off and write blog posts. Don't feel obligated to do it. Do it because it's who you are. No one writes a blog for as long as you have and not utterly enjoy the experience.

    Get the blogger iPhone app and use Siri to write shorter posts. I've done that for a few or my other blogs and it works great.

    Most of all know that while things may seem bad now, they can only get better from here. It will be a struggle. It will take effort but just keep looking ahead and pushing forward.

    Things always get better.

  9. Hey, bother hang in there, you just have to prioritize your life and realize there are needs and wants, right now, you have to be brutally honest with yourself and determine what is a need and a want. If you do that for a few months, you will be surprised what good will comes your way, not to mention how little money you will "need" to get by. You have the biggest hurtle cleared and that is a job with a steady income, now it's time for budget 101, use the same principles you apply to making gold in wow and you will soon see the way out of your current situation. Leave WOW for a few months, get a library card, and forgo cable. Read some financial planning books, keep up with WOW after work by reading the blogs, we will be here in a few months still supporting you. You have to get the rest of your life right before you can help us make gold in WOW.
    We are rooting for you and will be here when you get back on your feet.

  10. Hey Cold,

    I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough time. As bad as things get (though it sounds like the worst is over), once it's all said and done I think you'll find you're much better off. Keep slogging through my friend.

    If you were in San Diego I'd offer a place to stay.


  11. That sucks dude. Done the whole living with the ex thing. Of course she left me with a hellish nightmare of bills i couldn't pay until i lived in a cold cave(it was late fall in oklahoma) right before eviction. I got lucky and found a place and SLOWLY got my life back on track. A whole lot of patience and perseverance later life is good. Be strong and hang in there dude.

  12. Hang in there Cold (inserts cliche cat hanging on a rope poster). I'm sure most of us have experienced financial trouble among other life problems and know how you feel. I recommend reading the book "Your Money or Your Life". It's a personal finance book that has change the lives of many.

  13. Hey Cold,
    Very sorry to hear you are going through such a rough patch. But at least you are not homeless and got to keep your kitty. Hopefully you can find a roommate asap to help get you out of the situation. Some times life just seems to keep knocking you down but you need to get up and just dust yourself off. Hoping things get much better for you and hang in there!
    Tabby AKA Kaahlan

  14. Dear Cold

    I hope you already know how much you mean to me and to the community.

    I hope that the White Ribbon campaign has shown you the important you have in this community.

    The world sucks.

    That's what we call gravity.

    So suck it up, Cold. Take that "suck" and be glad that your feet are on the ground, and that your head is in the clouds. Be glad that you have a hell of a lot more than others in this world.

    I know this is impossible to feel when you are scared and worried, and have no vision for the future.

    You dont need to have a vision for the future. It's ok to be scared. It's ok to have no real home. It's ok to fuck up. Yes, I did just say the f word.

    Take it a day at a time. Do what you can do, and prepare for what might be. No more. Just breathe, prepare, do, and be. And we all know you can do that. It's ok.

    You'll be ok.

  15. Ok, so what you need right now is to take a step back (very difficult for anyone to do) and see reality for what it is.

    You are a blamer. You blame people for your situations, and it's important to realize that your particular situation could be the result of many small but equally wrong choices made over the years. If you realize that you can take ownership of your current situation and blame yourself, then you will have completed step one of your recovery process.

    Step Two: you need to stop trying to live on your own or with friends/girlfriends. It's not working. If there is any possible way you can live with family, even in your mom's basement, DO IT. You need to learn to do what you do in WoW, namely: create a plan and stick to it. You log onto your characters every day for hours and run through your auction house patterns. You can do the same for real life chores, jobs, tasks, etc. The key is consistently showing up for work, cleaning the sink after every meal, doing your laundry religiously, etc.

    Step Three: you need to blame yourself for your current situation. Even if you start off just saying that it was indirectly your fault, that's a good start to making sure this doesn't happen again.

    Step Four: you need to find a better job or suck it up and work more than one.

    Finally Step Five: and this is the big one, you need to set real, big boy priorities that focus on what really matters in life. If you place a hobby, and the ability to talk about said hobby, above your own personal success, then you are going to be writing this post again in a year's time.

    Sorry for the tough love, but stop playing the blame game, take ownership of your life, and take some steps in the right direction for yourself, not an audience online or anyone else.

    Good luck and here's to next year being better for you than last. Try not to burn so many bridges in the new year and you'll be surprised at how many friends you keep.

  16. @ Markco
    Thanks for trying to kick someone when they are down.

    You don't know me or my situations or any history or background in my real life, which gives you zero right to judge or tell me what the hell I need to do.

    What you jealous you get no Attention anymore and Horta come look to start more trouble? Your posts full of blatant lies about me not enough? You are blocked from my email and twitter because of your bullshit lies and insults, why do you e en come comment? Just looking for a link in the comments that are highly active ? N

  17. Now move along troll. I went ahead and posted this just to show how much of an ass you still are. Now move along.

  18. Dear Markco,
    It is no small wonder that you are so materially minded, as it is clear your personality and looks will get you nowhere.
    Keep it up! :D

  19. @Marcko That is just weak sauce my friend. I knew you were slimy but this just puts the cherry on the top of the whole stinking sundae that is you.

    (While I know you no longer care about it) from this day on Just My Two Copper is officially dead to me. No links, no blogrolls, no nothing.

    As far as I'm concerned you might as well not even exist.

  20. Wow Markco, I'm trying to determine which body part you and your post most closely resemble. I was completely at a loss and then it dawned on me. You, Markco, are sebum. Not your run-of-the-mill sebum; you are sebum contained within a pimple, located on a hemorroid, firmly ensconced within a pilonidal cyst. In layman's terms, you sir, are lower than snake spit. Cold, apologies for being so graphically vulgar with this fellow but one can only tolerate a certain degree of insensitivity. Keep your stick on the ice and your car between the ditches. It will all work out as it's meant to.

  21. Hi Cold, I got that t shirt a few years ago during my messy divorce.
    Things did look bad at times but after a short time I was back on my feet financially and mentally.
    Ignore the negative comments buddy, some people are perverse enough to get their jollies from kicking a guy when he is down. The people who anger you, control you.
    I did despair at times but things do & WILL get better, time is a great healer friend.
    Good luck, you have many friends on here.

    Kindest regards

  22. @flux: You know he doesn't do anything at JMTC now, right? Go for it if you want, but that doesn't really do anything to Markco.

    @Cold: I don't know the situation either, but Marcko makes a good point about taking responsibility and getting yourself out of this mess. Life sucks sometimes and deals you a rotten hand. But he's right that it's never wholly about the other people or external circumstances in our life. We had a hand in the problem, and we've got the biggest hand in the solution.

    For what it's worth, I didn't have the same relational stress you seem to have had, but I did experience some of the financial stress. My wife and I had credit card and other debts totaling about the same as one year's income. We gave up 1/3 of our income so she could stay home with our new baby. We started Financial Peace University, a program by Dave Ramsey, and paid off all our debt while having a 2nd kid, in only 2 years by following his principles. It's possible to recover from bad hands in life, but it did take a lot of work.

    Hope things start to look up for you and you can start rebuilding your "real life" world so you can get back to being able to enjoy your digital life more.

  23. I am fully aware of the role I've played within my own predicament.
    I originaly wrote this post as a prayer request and as an explanation of my odd posting schedule as of late, since I posted daily for so long.
    There is a shit ton more back story of drama, deceit, and betrayal, much of which will continue to stay private.
    I appreciate All of the support from my readers, listeners, and friends. You all rock!

  24. I am certainly not trying to kick you while you are down. I was at that same point once in my life , down and out, and I turned things around by blaming myself instead of others.

    Anger is a terrible motivator. Self improvement starts by giving up on self destructive anger towards others.

    You want prayers? You got it. But I also gave you some decent advice in the way I assumed you needed to hear it.

  25. Hey Cold,
    Sorry to hear about the crappy situation you're in--especially during the holidays. Hope you can get this mess put behind you soon. Financial strain really blows!
    I really don't know your situation so it's hard to give you advice, but I would personally suggest not worrying too much about your blog right now. Set your efforts and focus on getting on your feet. You write well enough that if you are gone for a month people will still gravitate back to your site. They will be back, and in greater numbers too! (Sorry been playing a LOT of SWTOR lately)
    In all seriousness man, bitter enemies or not I still have a heart and hope that you can find a way to land on your feet. Throw up I Donation tab, I got a bonus this year and can part with a few bucks. I’m sure other would too.
    Took your DVD player? Thaaaaaaat BITCH!

    Adam (Dollada06)

    @Markco--You have said to me numerous times that you don't give Cold the time of day--and for a plethora of reasons. None of which were because he is a nice guy. Why are you here right now? For a person who has an utter distain for Cold you sure burn a lot of calories following him.

  26. Is there a college or university in your town? If so, are your "roommate wanted" ads someplace the students will see them? (Student newspaper, for example.)

  27. Cold,

    I had a page long comment for ya, but decided not to write it, because in all reality, it just leaned one way:

    Keep smiling. =)


    @Markco- Really?

    @Flux- Only you would find a quote from a dude with the last name of Back Hair (oh, I meant Bakhair). Just cuz Cold needs a hacksaw to keep the man-sweater under control, you don't need to dig him for it.... =)

    Take care Cold.

  28. I don't have to leave anything here in regards to my feelings bud, as you know where I am. Kudos to all of those people who have shared positive thoughts and comments.

    If any of you know me, or have read any of the things I've wrote or commented on, you know one thing. I'm a positive person. I don't bash or belittle people. I don't like to get into internet drama. However, I will say one thing.

    To everyone who left negative or distasteful comments on this post, and I sincerely mean this, Go fuck yourselfs.

  29. Sorry to hear of your recent? events. One of the poster's mentioned about not getting worse however, I usually go by another thought when things go south; It could always be worse. That phrase alone has actually helped me in my times of 'bad events'. Helped me sort of begin the process of evaluating what I have and where/what to do next for improving the situation even though the pangs of the past still linger a bit. Long tory short, you'll come back just fine.

  30. I'm very new to your blog, but I wish you some positive changes for the new year, hope you'll find a decent roommate quickly, and send a big hug through the both entertaning and very lonely internets.


    Stay strong!

  31. Cold,
    Sorry to hear about the tough times you are going through. Hope 2012 brings you better opportunities and much happiness. Keep your chin up and don't give up. Lots of people out there sending good thoughts your way.


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