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Voice Amplification Modulator - Caster Twink Gear

Voice Amplification Modulator - Twink Gear

Twinking Neck Jewelry

Have you ever heard of this craftable piece of neck gear?  Well, I hadn't even thought of it as a twink item until I was corrected by a commenter in my last post on the JC created twink item: Malachite Pendant.  I incorrectly stated that the Malachite Pendant was the only available neck gear for twinks in the 14s bracket.  So I looked into it and the commentor was correct.  There are actually two options for neck gear in the 10-14 bracket, the Malachite Pendant and the Voice Amplification Modulator. 

The Malachite Pendant (+2 Agility) is Best-in-Slot for any non-caster class twink, but is only available at level 13 and beyond.

The Voice Amplification Modulator is Best-in-Slot for any caster twink and is also the only neckpiece for a level 10-12 WoW character.

The Voice Amplification Modulator (VAM)

The Voice Amplification Modulator is a great caster twink neck piece.  Although it doesn't possess any stat increases, it does something very helpful for battleground caster classes.  The VAM reduces the duration of any silence or interrupt effects by 10%.  That is definately a better option for caster classes over the +2 Agility neck piece.  It also is the only neck piece worth wearing on a level 1 twink as the VAM has no level requirement, even though it is a level 58 item.

The Voice Amplification Modulator is crafted by the Engineering profession and it comes from a Rare Drop Recipe.  The rare Engineering schematic can only be obtained from the Risen Inquisitors in the Stratholme dungeon and requires 290 skill in Engineering.  The kicker is the no level requirement and the ability to be used by non-Engineers.

Raw Materials Breakdown For Voice Amplification Modulator
  • 2 Arcanite Bars (or 2 Thorium Bars + 2 Arcane Crystals)
  • 2 Ironweb Spider Silk
  • 3 Thorium Bars
  • 1 Gold Bar
  • 1 Runecloth
  • 1 Large Opal
Most, if not all, of these materials can be found for cheap on the auction house.  When combined together into a Voice Amplification Modulator, you can create an item that can sell for an easy 300-500 gold to the right buyer.  A normal leveling character will see no point in spending so much on a piece of gear that would be replaced quickly, but a twink will not only know the true value of the item.  They may have been searching for one of these VAM neck pieces for weeks.  A twink will pay top WoW gold for a Best-in-Slot item like the Voice Amplification Modulator.

After learning of this item from the commentor, I logged into my Engineer, Colddrawn, and found that I already have the VAM recipe in my schematics list.  So I will be testing this market out myself as I love niche markets that are gated by rare recipes (like the Rich Purple Silk Shirt market that I am still the only supplier in).  If you have the recipe as well, odds are there aren't any Voice Amplification Modulators on your auction house either.  The schematic itself is also a good option to flip, if you can find one grossly underpriced on the WoW auction house.

If you find yourself in the same shape as me with an untapped market on your server, be sure to review my tips on creating your own market.

Anyone else had any success selling Voice Amplification Modulators?

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  1. Glad I could help with that =)
    Also, I forgot to mention on my last post about the VAM on the other post, that depending on the server you're on, this can be EXTREMELY profitable.

    -Bankbeauty Level 11 Twink


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