Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rich Purple Silk Shirt

This pattern is a rare World of Warcraft Vanilla World Drop. If you see it on the AH, snatch it up and have your tailor start making some gold. I think I bought my pattern for 50g a couple years back.  . Since the pattern is rare, the shirts are rare also. Many people want this sexy purple shirt for their character to seem "cooler" or just because we all know purple and black are the 2 most popular and sought colors in MMOs. This is especially true for people trying to match their shirt with Wrath of the Lich King Northrend Armor sets. I sell these in trade chat and the AH for 12g easy. Often they sell at 25g in The Overnight Market (*See earlier post). Becasue of the sellability of these shirts, you can sell this pattern for 500g, if your not a tailor. So don't be a Xmas Noob and list it for 50g. :)

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  1. Thanks.
    I became aware of the rareness of this shirt when a friend wanted one for his new toon. He kept griping abt how hard they were to get, so I've been watching the AH, hoping to get him a Christmas prez, but no luck. If I'd realized this sooner, I would so have been farming for the pattern, since my tailor should be able to solo it. Just do it a few times a day, lol.


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