Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Tanks

Yesterday I got my Tree from level 69 to 71.5 by running the lower end of Lich King random dungeons. The first group I joined, we ran through 3 tanks that joined and dropped (or were kicked) before finally getting a group member to invite a guildee to tank for us. Over an hour later, we were finally finished with UK regular.

We all know the wait time is shorter for tanks and healers, but some people have been abusing that short wait time by joining the queue as a tank role. A few pulls in it is easy to tell that this so called tank is either brand new to tanking, way undergeared, a complete moron, or all three! Why are people who have no tank gear even allowed into the queue as a tank? You got 8k life, no tank gear, you can't hold aggro, pull when I have no mana after swapping specs as I entered the dungeon (and haven't swapped gear sets), and you think unholy presence is the best for tanking. Are you friggin kidding me? Then you wanna bitch at the healer when you wipe the group? Arrgh! I was so frustrated with idiots yesterday. You try to help these people out or ask pertinent questions, like what is your defense, and you get completely chewed out. I really wish there was some sort of gear check for tanks. Come on, run the instance as dps a few times so you learn the pulls and get at least some gear for tanking before sucking 4 other people into your "experiment".

And why do these idiots with no tank gear run out of Line of Sight as I'm drinking, pull a full set of mobs along with a patrolling group, get completely crushed, then ask me why I suck as a healer and don't I have Healbot? Then I get a 10 minute arse-chewing when I explain I don't use any mods. Healbot is not required for anything, especially for UK reg or Nexus Reg, lol. Just because you are lazy and don't know how to f2 click to target your tank, don't chew me for your moronic actions that got you killed. Funny thing was after he got crushed, a dps role picked up the mobs and adds as I healed the whole party through this clusterf#ck you created. Nice pick-up! /Vote kick Tank. Then everyone in the group agrees that they have 80 healers that don't use addons in raid healing.

Please add ignore and friends lists for cross servers, Blizzard. I have found some really nice and good players on other servers and I would love to start blacklisting some of these total arses that keep getting into my random groups. Anyone else having the same findings?

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  1. Actually the ignore list is cross-realm now. I recommend the addon "DungeonMate" from It makes it much easier to ignore people :)

    Now I would love to see a cross-realm friends-list. If two people are mutual friends they have a higher chance to join a group together if they are both LFG.


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