Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tipping vs. Fees

Have You Tipped Your Crafter Today?

Tipping vs Standard Crafting / Cutting Fees.

I am getting sick and tired of people trying to have items crafted for free or next to no gold. I have started to use and strictly adhere to a crafting fee system instead of doing work for tips. Why? Undercutters. Too many people are getting in on the Jew Cutting game, now that most people realise they can make easy money by turning Wintergrasp tokens, Stone Keepers Shards, and Honor Points into epic gems. Even more money is made when the gem is cut. The value of the cut gem raises from 40 to 100 extra gold, and they wanna tip me 2-5g, then turn around and undercut the same gems I have posted on the AH. (Check out my Wintergrasp Shuffle post for more info on this process.)

So I have been sticking to a standard 40g epic gem cutting fee. Some complain, some don't, and some raise holy hell about it. Idiotic responses I've been getting include:
"I was going to tip that much, but I'm not doing it if you have a fee."
"Um, No way I'm paying you when its free for you to just press 1 button!"
"Why are you charging so much, when it doesn't cost you anything to do it?"

Friggin Idiots!

Levelling a profession to max is free? I must be doing something wrong. Idiots!

My standard fees are:
40g Epic Cuts (25g negotiable only if, you are socketting the gem immediately)
50g Epic Gem Transmute (I keep procs)
30g Smelt Titansteel
60g Tailor Weaves
100g iLvl 245 TOC pattern crafts

Anyone else set up a similar system?
I have talked with others of the same professions and others are starting to get on board. We as crafters need to stick together and stop crafting for next to nothing.

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