Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spend the Extra 1 Copper

We all hate these friggin undercutters that cut us out for 1 copper less on the AH. As Buyers: Let's try to make a point to scroll up and buy an item from vendors for 1 or 2 copper more, just to throw their whole scheme off. Buy from people that you regularly deal with, or that have tipped for crafting or chants, before buying from the automated undercutting goblins. Just throw off their scheme a little bit.

I have seen this done on my bag seller, who also does a lot of chanting for tips. People have bought from me even at 12g per bag, when undercutters are posting below 9. Why? good customer service, and a few peeps still believe in loyalty.

Try it out and see what kinda customers you can get to repeat buy from you based on your name, instead of saving a few coppers.


  1. Isn't undercutting by 1 copper a reasonable attempt to keep the economy stable? If the going rate for something is 12G, and someone repeatedly lists theirs for 9G, won't that eventually have a negative impact on the price of the item? I remember selling ammo for 30G a stack before the patch modified the mats required. There were people going in and posting for 15G a stack, and before long, listing 30G a stack showed as being WAY overpriced to people using Auctioneer. Someone is going to undercut the lowest seller so they have a better chance of selling an item. Isn't going under by one copper a kindness, and an effort to preserve the economy? I think so.

  2. Actually the people undercutting by just 1 copper or 1 silver or some other small amount, is the ones you as a seller like. they help preserve the market price of a given item and not dump the market price.

    If you have an item which normally sells for 20g and you put your up for 15g, you have already lowered the marketprice by 25% and within a few hourse others will have that price down to 10g or lower and within a day or two you might end up with a new permanent price which is more than half of what it used to be, making that item a loss to sell - So thats why undercutting by more than 1c or 1s is actually BAD.


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