Friday, October 12, 2012

MFC Barking In Mists Of Pandaria

Mysterious Fortune Cards & Barking MFCs in MoP

Mysterious Fortune Cards continue to be a strong seller on my server in World of Warcraft.  With my recent increased work hours (covering co-workers vacations), I have been very limited in overall game time as well as time that I am able to spend working markets in the WoW auction houses.  While I have been making hefty profits flipping my stockpiles of blue leveling and twink gear, I am seeing some amazing profits within my main market, the Mysterious Fortune Cards market.  Earlier this year, I wrote about how Mysterious Fortune Cards will never die.  Not only was I right, but sales have started to become way more profitable than even I expected. 

The MFCs that I created prior to Mists of Pandaria where being undercut into oblivion during the end of expansion lull.  Nowadays, those same Mysterious Fortune Cards that cost me less than 4 gold to make are now selling for 25 gold each and sometime faster than I can relist them.  Last night I made about 2,000 gold in 15 minutes of barking.  It's so easy, even a kobold could do it!  Well, dumbass Kobold would probably crash the market to 5 gold each again.

Why are my MFCs performing so well? 

There are a few key factors in the rise in price and the influx of more sales.

  • Competition has become nearly non-existant - As new expansions are released many auctioneers abandon old markets looking for the greener grass of the most up to date markets.  A wise goblin understands that old markets can be just as, if not more, lucrative than during previous expansions.

  • The ink trader fiasco - The Inscription Ink traders were finally updated today to accepting Ink of the Seas as the exchange currency for new Inks.  The extra 7 or so weeks of Blackfallow Ink trading has helped to dry up the supplies of Blackfallow Ink, which is the primary material for MFC crafting.

  • New players  - Every expansion launch brings new players into WoW and helps bring old players back to the game.  These fresh faces may be hearing about MFCs for the first time and will be more willing to try a shot at winning the big fortunes. 

  • Fresh MFC Barks - I've been working on some brand new barks for Mists of Pandaria.  Barking the same thing over and over can get very stale very fast.  It's always best to keep your MFC barks up to date and always evolving.  Fresh is best!

New Mysterious Fortune Card Barks

I'm currently working on a massive collection of my newest MFC barks and am pumping out new ones every day.  Here is a sample of a few of my new favorites.

"Can't Decide Which Faction To Join With Your Panda?  Flip Some [Mysterious Fortune Card]s.  If You Win, Join The Horde.  If You Don't, Go Alliance With The Rest Of The Losers!"
"What's Black, White, & Purple?  A Pandaren Monk Rolling In Epic [Mysterious Fortune Card] Winnings!" 
"Hey I Just Met You, And This Is Cray-Cray, So Buy Some [Mysterious Fortune Cards], And Flip 'Em Maybe!"

This is just a sample selection of some of the great barks, I've been working on.  Stay tuned for more great Mysterious Fortune Card barking ideas to come!

Make sure to check out the Mysterious Fortune Card Mastery guide to get you started understanding how this easy-as-hell WoW gold making strategy works.  With a little guidance from the guide, you'll be making easy gold too. 


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