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Gifts For Gamers: WoW TCG War of Ancients Loot Codes & Booster Packs

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Gifts For Gamers

Timewalkers: War Of The Ancients Packs & Loot Cards

The new World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG) expansion has just released on October 2nd, 2012.  The newest expansion for the WoW TCG is the first part of the Timewalkers 3 part expansion block.  The first of the 3 part expansion block is called Timewalkers: War of the Ancients and of course it comes with 3 more WoW TCG loot cards with loot codes for sweet WoW TCG game pets, mounts, and vanity items.  Everyone loves WoW TCG in game loot and the booster packs make great stocking stuffers for gamers!
War Of The Ancients WoW TCG Loot Codes

The 3 new WoW TCG Loot codes that are possible to pull from the new War of the Ancient booster packs are:
  • WoW TCG Pet Card - Eye Of The Legion
  • WoW TCG Mount Code - Feldrake
  • Eye of the Legion Pet
  • WoW TCG Vanity Item Code - Demon Hunter's Aspect
The Eye of the Legion pet looks just like the green glowing Warlock summoned Eye of Killrogg.  These pets have been flying off the shelf.  Grab one before they are gone again! Buy Eye of the Legion Pet Now.

The Feldrake mount is the uber-rare from this expansion and is a standard drake model, but with an eerie fel green glow and tattered wings.  This one looks pretty sweet, especially for a Warlock character.  Only seen one for sale so far and it was gone the same day. 

The Demon Hunter's Aspect is the vanity item of the set and it allows your character to appear as a Demon Hunter for 5 minutes.  You may recall the Demon Hunter Initiates at the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley.

War of the Ancients WoW TCG Packs
Timewalkers: War of the Ancients Booster Box
 WoW TCG Expansion: Timewalkers - War of The Ancients

The TCG expansion Timewalkers: War of the Ancients comes with a few options when buying the booster packs and cards, either for playing the WoW Trading Card Game itself or for gambling on pulling loot codes from your packs.  Here are the options when purchasing these all new War of the Ancients booster packs.

  • Single War of the Ancients Booster Packs - 16 cards per pack (15 game cards, 1 craft/token or loot card)
  • Box of Booster Packs - 36 Booster Packs Per Box
  • Case of Booster Boxes - 12 Booster Boxes (For you high rollers)
  • War of the Ancients Epic Collection Box Set - The War of the Ancients Epic Collection Boxed Set is a pretty nice deal and comes with:
    • Re-useable Storage Box w 10 Dividers
    • 1 War of the Ancients Deck Box
    • 1 War of the Ancients Playmat
    • 6 War of the Ancients Booster Packs
    • 1 War of the Ancients Pocket Guide
    • 1 Eye of the Legion Pet Loot Card

Timewalkers: War of the Ancients WoW TCG Expansion
Epic Collection Boxed Set

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