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Farming Ghost Iron Ore - Greenstone Quarry

Farming Ghost Iron Ore In MoP
Where Is The Best Place To Farm Ghost Iron Ore?

Ghost Iron Ore Farming
In my opinion, the absolute best place to farm for Ghost Iron Ore is within the Greenstone Quarry.  The Greenstone Quarry is located within the Mists of Pandaria zone, The Jade Forest.  It is a small cave to the Southeast of Tian Monastery and North of Dawn's Blossom.  If you check the Jade Forest zone map and you drew a line from Tian Monastery straight to Dawn's Blossom, the line would pass through the entrance to the Greenstone Quarry.  It is also easily identified on the zone map because there is a cave entrance icon showing the location. 
The Greenstone Quarry in the Jade Forest is also the very first place I would take any mining character looking to level their Mining skill.  There are plenty of reasons to take your Miner straight to the Greenstone Quarry.
    Ghost Iron Ore Farming In Greenstone Quarry
    Dual Rich Ghost Iron Ore Veins In Greenstone Quarry
  1. Mining Trainer - Just outside the entrance to the Greenstone Quarry is a Mining Trainer.  You can train up the ability to smelt the Ghost Iron Ore that you will be farming, as well as learn the new smelting abilities of the higher level ores.  Unfortunately there is not a Forge located near the entrance, so it is a good idea to bring along a stack of Thermal Anvils, the new summonable anvil that is crafted by Engineers.  The Anvils will help to decrease your down time as you won't have to travel back to town just to smelt ores to make room in your bags, which means more time for farming ghost iron ores and leveling your Mining skill.
  2. Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick - The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is one of the nice items that are part of the new Lost and Found system added into WoW during Mists of Pandaria.  The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is a rare spawning item that appears within the Greenstone Quarry and once obtained, it will give a chance for your Miner to find MoP raw gems within the ore veins of Mists of Pandaria.  So while running around the Greenstone Quarry farming, you should always be looking for the pick to have spawned.  More specifically look for the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick within the little square room in the SW corner of the Gueenstone Quarry on the lower level.
  3. Tons of Ghost Iron & Rich Ghost Iron Ore Veins - There are an absolute ton of spawn spots for Ghost Iron Ore farming inside the Greenstone Quarry and even more if you have the Mist-Piercing Goggles that I talked about in the post on Spirit of Harmony Crafting Equivalents.  These Goggles increase the number of raw material nodes that you can see in Pandaria zones.  There are so many Ghost Iron Ore veins within the Quarry itself, that I never see less than 2 on the mini-map (whiling farming with other miners as well), but normally see 6-8 Ghost Iron or Rich Ghost Iron Ore nodes up at once.  You can even go back out the entrance to the Greenstone Quarry and the surrounding hillside has a large number of nodes that can be seen directly upon exiting the Quarry.  Let me repeat; there are a ton of Ore veins for farming in here.
    Farming Ghost Iron Ore In Greenstone Quarry
    Greenstone Quarry Corpses Are Mineable
  5. Mineable Corpses For Even More Ghost Iron Ore Farming - If having a ton of quick respawning Ghost Iron Ore veins wasn't enough, there are also creatures within the Greenstone Quarry that leave behind corpses that can be mined for even more Ores!  The Deepstone Gorger corpses can be mined for a chance at more Ghost Iron Ore.  I've even, on the vary rare occasion, been able to find Trillium Ores on these Greenstone Gorger corpses as well.  These mobs die easily and since there are a few quests that are completed within the cave, there are often times when there are corpses just waiting for you to mine thing, which increases your own Ghost Iron Ore farming speed.  On a rare occasion these guys will award you some vendor trash that sells for over 7 gold each, which is a nice bonus, since we are mining the corpses for their ores anyway.
So the combination of having a ton of fast spawning Ghost Iron Ore nodes to farm, Minable corpses that are often left for you to mine, a nearby mining trainer, and a chance at the super Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick make this place hard to beat for Ghost Iron Ore farming. 


  1. This is bang on & I got the pick axe as well with one hour of mining.

    Only problem is opposing faction will try to gank you.

    I'm a Hunter in all pvp gear lol. They didn't do so well.

    Had quite the collection of skelton's after a while.

  2. This is great! I've been wanting to farm some ore for a while, but kept putting it off. Def going to Greenstone Quarry today! <3 Thanks!

  3. I think 5.1 nerfed this spawn rate.

  4. The respawn rate as of 5.2 is terrible!

    1. Yup! Nerfed into the ground now!

      Was awesome while it lasted.


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