Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick Is A Must | No More Free Gems From Mining Ore Nodes!

Ancient Pandarian Mining Pick in MoP

WTF?!?  - Miners Can't Get MoP Gems From Mining?

One of the odd changes (I just discovered) in Mists of Pandaria is a nerf to the Mining profession.  The new MoP Ore Veins will no longer always have a chance to allow Miners a shot at getting free Jewelcrafting Gems from whacking on the various Ore Nodes.  The only reason I can think of for nerfing the chance of getting gems from ore veins is to combat the mining botters.  The botters already make plenty of money off of botting and selling the ores so removing the free gems from the ore nodes really isn't going to be much of a problem for them.  So really this type of nerf will hit the non-botting Ore farmers much harder.  Granted the odds of getting gems from ore nodes have always been pretty low, but the extra gem procs were nice increases to the profitability of farming ore yourself.  All is not completely lost though!

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is one of the new Rare Spawn items being introduced with the new Mists of Pandaria Lost and Found loot system.  The new Lost and Found system is similar to the Rare Spawn Vanity Items that are awarded from killing the MoP rare spawns, except that with the Lost and Found system there is no killing involved.  Many of the rare items are just scattered around specific spawn locations throught the Mists of Pandaria zones and can be found within chests or laying on the ground.  There are BoA items, weapons, and gear, as well as vendor trash that can award nice chunks of gold.  Hunting these rare spawn items and chests will earn you Achievements as well as a new title once you find 20 of these rare spawn items.  Only a pair of the items are must haves (The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick and the Ancient Pandaren Fishing Lure / Charm) and nothing is anywhere near as cool as any of the WoW TCG Vanity Loot items.

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick is one rare spawn item that is a must have for any Miner who is looking to increase his profitability from mining.  This new Mining Pick is account bound, can be used as a weapon, and doesn't even need to be equipped to ultilize the main benefit of the item.  It allows you to once again obtain gems from mining in Pandaria zones.  The item's text reads:
"Allows you to find gems while mining in Pandaria.  Does not need to be equipped."
While it is account-bound and can be mailed to your other characters, I would highly recommend acquiring an Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick for each of your miners.  There's no reason to leave behind the chance of getting free MoP gems from Mining MoP ore nodes.  The downside is that it is a high level weapon (item lvl 404 / lvl 85 req) and therefore has a hefty repair cost (~8.5 gold), so anyone using the Instant Rez at the Spirit Healer will be paying extra to repair this axe as well.

Where To Get The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick?

The Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick can be found on the bottom floor (Lower Quarry) of the Greenstone Quarry cave within the MoP zone, The Jade Forest.  It will be laying in plain view and will be sparkling.  All you have to do is pick it up once you find it.  I'm unsure of how long the spawn timer will take to reset after it is successfully found and looted by someone.  This will definately be one of the first things I hunt for before starting on my Mists of Pandaria Mining runs.  Get your own Mine Pick now!


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  1. Just starting to get caught up on Pandaria, I now know I gotta get one of these!

    Just read over patching notes, there are a ton of Goldmaking changes...it's good blizz didn't leave us out in the Cold, huh?

    Great article, thanks!


  2. After some camping I found a panda mining pick - and it disappeared while I looted it. Angry! After GM-ticket, I found out it can be buggy, that they are working on it - and after telling GM what time I tried - I got one in the mail. Happy!


  3. On a related note, Forager's Gloves (http://www.wowhead.com/item=86566) are a MUST of herbalism. They increase herb picking time. I can actually have an herb picked before the 'dismiss mount' spell effect is done.

    Combine either the pick or the gloves with Mist-Piercing Goggles (http://www.wowhead.com/item=87213) and you'll see your farming rates EASILY double.

  4. Can the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick be transferred to any of my World of Warcraft characters?

    1. That is correct. Since its Bind-on-Account you can transfer it to any characters. It's great to give to any alts growing ore veins on their farm as you can get extra gems when farming up the ores.


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