Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Goldgrub's Goblin Academy & Xtreme Present - The Xtreme Gold Blog

How To Make Gold In World of Warcraft
WoW Gold Making Goblin
 Goldgrub's Goblin Academy & Xtreme Presents:
The Xtreme Gold Blog

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I present to you The Xtreme Gold Blog, a brand new upstart gold blog created by Xtreme.  You may recognize the name of the author, Xtreme, as she has been a writer for my sister site, Goldgrub's Goblin Academy, for quite a while now.  It's not often that I get to mentor an author and then see that same author branch out and expand into their own site. 

I've enjoyed working with Xtreme at Goldgrub's Goblin Academy and am excited to see her start her very own World of Warcraft gold making blog.  So be sure to head over and check out her very first post:  Introductions and Low Level Materials Farming.  The Xtreme Gold Blog is also now in my Gold Making Blogroll here at Cold's Gold Factory, so you can keep track of when new posts go live as well. 

Xtreme:  Thanks for all of your hard work at Goldgrub's Goblin Academy.  I wish you and your new gold blog well and look forward to you participating in the Gold Blogging Carnivals here as well.

Congrats and Good Luck!

Check Out Xtreme's Articles At :
 Remember - Goldgrub's Goblin Academy is written for new WoW players and new WoW gold makers.
  1. Shields: Chips Off The Old Block
  2. WoW Pilgrim's Bounty - Gobble Up That XP
  3. Murlocs, Coyotes, & Cooking. Oh My!
  4. Brewfest: Fill Your Mug With Some XP & Brew
  5. Leveling Your Alt Toon
  6. Fishing: Here Fishy Fishy
  7. Farming For Cloth Can Increase Your Pocket Change
  8. Go Team Go - Get Your City Faction Tabards
  9. Archaeology: Digging For XP & Other Goodies
  10. Calls To Arms: Support Your Faction & Get Awesome Benefits
  11. You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Blog Is About You!
  12. You're So Vain, Part 2
  13. Farming The Blood Elf Bandit Mask
  14. Midsummer Fire Festival Flaming XP

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  1. Speaking of other blogs - have you come up with a topic for October's gold blogging carnival yet? We're getting close to the end of September... :)

    1. Mulling over topic ideas. Should announce soon.

  2. Thanks Cold you rock ;)


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