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Ghost Iron Dragonling & Tinker's Gear (New Cogwheels)

MoP Engineering -
Ghost Iron Dragonling and Tinker's Gear

The new Engineering crafted trinket, the Ghost Iron Dragonling, has plenty of potential to be a strong gold maker in the Mists of Pandaria World of Warcraft expansion.  Notice I said "has plenty of potential" for gold makers?  That's because of the polarizing differences amongst our various WoW auction houses across the multiple WoW servers.  It basically boils down to the newest war between Goblins and Kobolds that is so common on many WoW servers these days. 

Ghost Iron Dragonling

The Ghost Iron Dragonling is a new trinket that is crafted by Engineers and unlike previous Engineering trinkets, it can be equipped by all characters level 87 or higher.  With an item level of 450, the Ghost Iron Dragonling is a great gear piece to help boost a character's average item level, which will assist in meeting the average item level requirements for dungeons, heroics, and raids. 

Ghost Iron Dragonling Tinker's Gear Cogwheels
Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket
 The Ghost Iron Dragonling is a pretty damn good trinket too, which contains 3 Cogwheel sockets that can be customized with the appropriate Tinker's Gear gems based on your class specialization's secondary stats of choice.  In addition to the customizable cogwheel gem slots, the Ghost Iron Dragonling also has a chance to summon an actual Ghost Iron Dragonling to fight be your side for 20 seconds.  The Dragonling is a nice dps boost that shoots lighting and can hit multiple targets with his AoE lightning attack.

The Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket requires the following materials to craft:  12 Windwool Cloth & 14 Ghost Iron Bars (28 Ghost Iron Ore)

Tinker's Gear Gems - The New MoP Cogwheels

The new cogwheels, which are now called Tinker's Gear Gems, are also useable by all characters instead of just Engineers like the previous versions.  A Tinker's Gear Gem exists for all of the secondary statistics, but they are unique-equipped, so you can only socket one of each type. 

Engineer Cogwheels Tinker's Gear MOP
Tinker's Gems For Sale
Tinker's Gear Gems in MoP:
  • Flashing Tinker's Gear - 600 Parry
  • Fractured Tinker's Gear - 600 Mastery
  • Precise Tinker's Gear - 600 Expertise
  • Quick Tinker's Gear - 600 Haste
  • Rigid Tinker's Gear - 600 Hit
  • Smooth Tinker's Gear - 600 Critical Strike
  • Sparkling Tinker's Gear - 600 Spirit
  • Subtle Tinker's Gear - 600 Dodge

Strike Smart, Strike Fast Young Goblin

The main problem with these markets is that although the value of the Trinkets and the Tinker's Gear Gems are high, the swarms of Kobolds leveling Engineering are crashing the prices down to stupid levels on the auction house.  Both the Ghost Iron Dragonling and the Tinker's Gems are good items to level the Engineering Profession with so many players will just toss the crafted items up for stupid prices regardless of what they could actually get based on the true value of the items.  On my server the Tinker's Gear Gems are holding at a nice profit level, where the Trinkets are all over the place.

Ghost Iron Dragonling Kobolds
Dumb Ass Kobolds!

I post my Dragonling Trinkets when there are no others posted and I charge what they are truely worth, which is 4k gold.  They still sell, despite the Koolds who sell them for a fraction of my sales price on other days.  Grabbing these poorly priced ones to save for a day when there are none available is a valid strategy and as more players get their skills leveled up the prices will hopefully rise as well as leveling Engineers leave the market.

WoW MoP Ghost Iron Dragonling Trinket
Don't Settle For Kobold Prices

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  1. another reason they will stay cheap is the mats r very cheap.
    14 ghost iron bar + 16 windwool cloth.
    about 50g on my server.
    sure there wiull be chumps who dont do their research and pay top dollar but i think the profit margin will drop


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