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Tillers Union Cooking Quests & Dailies - Easy Gold Making

Tillers Union Daily Quests WoW
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 Tillers Union Cooking Quests & Tillers Union Dailies:

Easy WoW Gold Making

The Tillers Union series of quests and daily quests offer plenty of gold making opportunities.  We can supply the items needed for the various Tillers Union quests as well as the cooking materials needed for the Tillers Union daily friendship quests.  It is entirely possible to use your mob killing skills, farming skills, and fishing skills to gather all of your own materials to complete both the starting quests and the daily quests with the Tillers Union.  Due to the sheer volume of items required on a daily basis, it is worth selling these various items on the auction house to those that either don't have the time or don't want to bother farming the items themselves.  And a player that has multiple alts working on these same daily quests is really going to be interested in just purchasing some of these items straight away.  Let's take a look at what all items are required for these Tillers Union quests and Tillers Union daily quests.

Cooking Specializations

The first round of quests for the Tillers Union is what unlocks the various Cooking specializations.  Unlike other profession specializations, the Cooking specializations can all be learned by the same character.  Unfortunately, anyone who previously told you to level your multiple alts' cooking skills to max to be ready to cover each of the Cooking specializations coming in Mists of Pandaria told you wrong.  A single character can unlock all of the Cooking specializations and the various Cooking recipes associated with each.

Tillers Union Cooking Quest Chains

The first round of Tillers Union Cooking quests will teach you the various Cooking specialities, will give you a follow-up quest, and will get you started on the way to unlocking the Tillers Union daily Cooking quests.  The daily quests are not available until level 90, but the initial rounds are available at Cooking skill level 530 and can be completed ahead of time.  Not all players will have a farm running and they may not be able to harvest their own crops yet when they try to complete these quests initially.  They also may not want to fish at all themselves and may be more willing to buy the fished materials for completing these quests.

The Initial Round of Tillers Union Quests

The quests are avialable from the various Tillers Union farmers in the Halfhill Market in the Valley of the Four Winds.  Here is a list of the first 6 starting quests and what materials are required.
  • Way of the Wok - 5 Juicycrunch Carrots
  • Way of the Steamer - 5 Giant Mantis Shrimp
  • Way of the Pot - 5 Jade Lungfish
  • Way of the Oven - 5 Wildfowl Breast
  • Way of the Grill - 5 Raw Tiger Steak
  • Way of the Brew - 1 Ginseng
Each of the require materials are currently easy sells on the auction house, excpet the Ginseng.  On my server these materials are selling between 5 gold each (Wildfowl Breast) and 60 gold each (Jade Lungfish).

Ginseng can be purchased for a little over 3 gold right near the quest giver, so I don't recommend selling those. 

Juicy Crunch Carrots are available from some vermin-type mobs, can be planted and harvested in your own farm, or can be purchased (1 Ironpaw Token for a Sack of Juicycrunch Carrots, which gives 25 Carrots).

Giant Mantis Shrimp are fished up from pools or along the coasts of the Krasarang Wilds.

Jade Lungfish are fished up from fishing pools or in the lakes and rivers of the Jade Forest.  You can also buy a Sack of Jade Lungfish for 1 Ironpaw Token.

Wildfowl Breast are drops from bird-type creatures in Pandarian zones.

Raw Tiger Steak are drops from killing some cat-type beasts, like Tigers and Prowlers.

Master Shopping List For Tillers Union Friendship Dailies

The Tillers Union Friendship gaining daily quests are only available once per day (unlocked at level 90), but completing each one for ever Tillers Union farmer every day takes a ton of materials.  These daily requirements can get pretty hefty if you are trying to complete each quest on multiple alts.  Due to the sheer volume required on a daily basis, all of the required materials are nice additions to your gold making business.  Even if you don't plan on completing a single one of the Farming quests or don't want to raise your Tillers Union reputation, you need to still be aware of the value of these items.  You will collect some of these materials just from looting mobs while questing, so be sure to sell them and don't vendor them or delete them.  As more players start to reach the required level 90 for these quests, the demand for these items will continue to increase.

Here is a master list of what materials are required on a daily basis to complete each Tillers Union quest every day.

  • 5 Raw Turtle Meat
  • 5 Raw Tiger Steak
  • 5 Wildfowl Breast
  • 5 Reef Octopus
  • 10 Jade Lungfish
  • 5 Giant Mantis Shrimp
  • 10 Krasarang Paddlefish
  • 5 Emporer Salmon
  • 15 Scallions
  • 25 Juicycrunch Carrots
  • 15 Striped Melon
If you are looking for crops to grow on your farm to be able to sell for a profit, then be sure to look into all 3 of the require crops for the daily quests.  Juicycrunch Carrots are required in the initial quest, more are required for the follow-up quest (unlike the others which award your 5 items back), and even more are required for the Tillers Union dailies and they are required in the largest quanities of all.  It's no suprise that the Juicycrunch Carrots have been very profitable on many of the WoW servers thus far.

So know what you loot, grow, or fish up and make sure to either use them items yourself or sell them to wanna-be Tillers.

 How have your crop sales been thus far?


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  1. Braised Turtle for Old Hillpaw, Fire Spirit Salmon for Tina Mudclaw and Eternal Blossom Fish for Sho all require 25 vegetables for the daily amount, so one would need 25 Scallions and Striped Melons and 35 Juicycrunch Carrots for the daily total.

    Wildfowl Breast is also used for Wildfowl Roast for Farmer Fung and Valley Stir Fry for Chee Chee, so one would need 10 total Wildfowl Breast.

    Other than that I love the post and I am looking forward to selling this stuff once I finish the different areas of cooking.


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