Monday, October 15, 2012

Dust of Disappearance Still Selling Strong! LOL

Dust of Disappearance Still Making Me WoW Gold

It's no secret to most of us WoW gold making goblins that Dust of Disappearance is easily purchased from the vendors of Azeroth, but please don't tell my customers! 

Scribes are able to use their Inscription profession to craft 3 Dust of Disappearance for the lowly cost of 1 Blackfallow Ink.  While we can still craft the Dusts, it isn't recommended as a profitable strategy.  It used to be a very profitable option for Scribes looking for a better use of Blackfallow Inks.  Hell, on my home server it was often more profitable to craft and sell Dust of Disappearance over crafting Glyphs of any kind thanks to the invasion of kobolds into the Glyph market.  Now it isn't recommended at all to craft the Dusts for selling. 

Why?  Because as of the MoP expansion Pre-patch (WoW Patch 5.0.4), the vendor price got nerfed and more vendors are selling them.  A single Dust of Disappearance now only costs 45 silver (before applying faction discounts) from the in game vendors and there are 196 vendors that currently sell the Dusts! 

Prior to the Patch 5.0.4 that nerfed the vendor price of the Dusts into the ground, crafting Dusts and selling them for under the vendor costs was quite profitable.  I was a major proponent of also barking the Dusts of Disappearance in the trade channel to increase awareness that players could find them cheaper on the auction house.  Players weren't stuck paying the vendor prices, which at the time were 7+ gold each, depending on the players' reputation with the vendor.  Barking helped to increase awareness and urged players to save gold by purchasing from the WoW auction house.  This Dust of Disappearance Barking Strategy made me thousands of gold and allowed me to rival the good days of glyph sales, with only crafting and selling Dusts and MFCs and leaving the Glyphs to the Kobolds and White Knights.

My main Dust bark was:
"[Dust of Disappearance] is cheaper in the AH than on the vendor. Swap Those Glyphs & Save Some Gold Too!"
Then the vendor change came in Patch 5.0.4 and the sales of Dusts on the auction house died along with the cheaper vendor prices, right?  NOPE!  Although, I have quit using my Dust barking strategy, because that would be lieing, the sales continue to roll in.  Not only do I still make a nice profit off of selling Dusts of Disappearance, I no longer have to craft them myself.  I just buy stacks off of the vendor for the dirt cheap prices and sell them on the auction house for the same prices that I used to charge pre-patch, making even more profit per sale with each transaction.

How can I do this?  It's pretty simple.  By barking that they were available for cheaper than the vendor cost for so long prior to the expansion and the pre-patch changes, I've trained my server to first look on the auction house for their Dusts of Disappearance.  I bet many of the players on my server are unaware that the price has even dropped at the vendor, at least my buyers must be full unaware.  Why else would they be paying be 7+ gold per single Dust, when 7 gold would have bought them more than 14 for the same price as what I charge for a single one? 

Remember, those markets that you expect to be dead, can be quite profitable when others expect them to be dead too and vacate your market.  Sure, this can't go on forever because most players should eventually learn that I have been overcharging them on the auction house, but I'll keep making easy gold off of them until they wise up.

Anyone else still making gold off of Dust of Disappearance too?


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  1. No only Dust of disappearance, but Vanishing Powder, Tomes of the Clear Mind, and Enchanting Vellum. On a good day I get around 3-5g each (try not to be TOO greedy). On a bad day, my threshold is set to double vendor price.

  2. My Dusts don't really sell, but Tomes of the Clear Mind sell really well!


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