Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Population Cycles and Barking MFCs

MFCs Will Never Be Obsolete

Mysterious Fortune Cards Again! Really?

Oh Yes!  Oh Hell Yes!

The best benefit of the Mysterious Fortune Card market is that it will never become an obsolete market.  As a counter-point, the Fortune Cookie market will become obsolete.  The Mysterious Fortune Card gambling phenomenon will never be outdated when a new WoW expansion comes out.  Just like with any market, the MFC market will go through peaks and valleys mostly determined by 2 things.  1) How well you are barking.  2)  WoW in game population cycles.

Population Cycles?

Mysterious Fortune Cards are fun!  MFCs are exciting!  MFCs will give you a rush and draw you to buy more.  At least those are some of the principles that we know bring players back over and over for more shots at getting that Epic 5k Mysterious Fortune Card.  The truth is that eventually most players reach a point at which they do not buy any more fortune cards because they give up at winning.  They may still buy a few here and there, but eventually most players wise up after blowing too much gold chasing the 5k Fortune Card.

So in order to keep sales coming in on a steady basis, we need to be barking and informing new targets about the chances at winning from gambling in the auction house.  Some of the best and most efficient times for barking and making sales are during spikes in the population. Some examples when the population spikes are:

  1. Peak Hours
  2. Tuesdays
  3. Weekends
  4. Patches
  5. Holidays
Cream Of The Christmas Crop

Christmas is one of the best IRL holidays for bringing new players into the World of Warcraft.  Many players just got the game for Christmas and are now a week or so into leveling their first character.  These newer players are prime targets for wasting their hard days earnings on a chance at a quick 5000 gold.  So dust off those Scribes, and get back to barking your Mysterious Fortune Cards.  The sales have seen a huge spike lately on many server as all of the new players are experimenting with the in game gambling phenomenon.  To these new players the rush of playing the MFC game is still fresh, new, and exciting.

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  1. This post comes at the exact time, I finally got my Scribe to be able to make then, so We will see how it goes.
    The temptation is strong to flip but I must resist the impulse.
    I will have to study before how this will go:

    -Direct sale on AH

    -Bark (most probably the better method)

    -The Mysterious fortune cookies

    I will tell you how it goes, and ty for the post.

  2. I slacked off on MFCs for a wile, in part because the uber low herbs prices on the AH went bye-bye. Starting to see some stacks at more reasonable prices, and just posted some the other night with a little bit of barking after posting on the AH and made a quick 1K


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