Friday, January 6, 2012

Murloc Scale Belt & Slimey Murloc Scales

I have finaly have collected a total of 8 Slimey Murloc Scales for crafting my own Murloc Scale Belt.  Why would I want a Murloc Scale Belt?  For Transmogrification?  Nope.  For Twinking, Duh!  Working on gearing out my level 14 Hunter led me to researching some of the non-heirloom gear slots.  I've already written about the benefits of crafting a couple of great twink neck pieces for this same battleground bracket, the Malachite Pendant and the Voice Amplification Modulator

Looking into the leather gear options for the waist slot of characters in the 10-14 bracket, you will see that there just aren't many options at all.  When it comes to finding a belt with maximal statistics, you have 2 options:  Craft a Murloc Scale Belt, which has +3 Agi & +3 Sta, or cross your fingers and hope to find a level 14 Bandit Cinch with "of the Monkey" suffix on the auction house. 

A Bandit Cinch of the Monkey is actualy second best, since it provides + 2-3 Agi & +2-3 Sta, which means your Bandit Cinch will provide either +2 Agi / +3 Sta or will provide +3 Agi / + 2 Sta.  The craftable Murloc Scale Belt is the top option for Rouges and Hunters alike, as it provides +3 Agility and +3 Stamina.  Sure, it may only be an extra 1 Agility or Stamina, but that's what twinking is all about - completely maximizing ever aspect of your low level character's gear.  Don't forget that 1 extra Agility at level 10-14 is worth far more than 1 Agility at a higher level.

The Murloc Scale Belt is a great item to sell to other twinking characters because it is a very nice belt for the 10-14 bracket, but unlike the Bandit Cinch, the Murloc Scale Belt is also wearable at a full 1 level lower than the cinches.  So you get the better item available at an early level.  Yes, please!

The real problem is finding the materials, mainly the Slimey Murloc Scales.  The leather and thread are easy finds, but the Slimey Murloc Scales can take a while to collect, if you are solely hunting them on the auction house in WoW. 

The Slimey Murloc Scales were one of the items that saw a decrease in the number of creatures that drop them after The Shattering.  From my experiences, they are more readily available on the Alliance side, presumably since the old drop sources were in Alliance territories.  I myself had to cross faction transfer 6 of the 8 Slimey Murloc Scales that I was able to find.  Currently, they are dropping mainly from Murlocs within the Blackfathom Depths instance, with Mutanus (in Wailing Caverns) and Vile Fin Oracles in Silverpine Forest also having a chance to drop them.  The funny thing is that I was paying a few silvers each when I would happen to find them posted on the auction house.  They were worth far more than that to me as I would have easily paid 5 gold per Slimey Murloc Scale, but no one really knows the true value of these crafting materials. 

So if you run across some Slimey Murloc Scales, I recommend crafting some Murloc Scale Belts to sell for 75-150 gold each or you can sell the Slimey Murloc Scales on the auction house.  Just be sure to price them correctly and don't give them away for a few silvers.  You wouldn't sell Spider Silk for silvers, would you?  This is a similar drop type of crafting item and should be priced along the same lines as the Spider Silk.

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  1. no way someone pays so much for an item he will use for 1 hour.

  2. @anon
    Either you don't understand what twinking is or you are broke.

    1. no its just there is no market for things like this on german realms. should have said that i played on german realms.

    2. I just sold another VAM for 400 gold yesterday.

      Someone on twitter brought up a good point, "Until you twink yourself, you will always be leary of what these twink items will sell for."

      There are probably players twinking on your server, it's just that you don't know about them unless you are a twink as well.

  3. I would obviously pay some major gold for it if I was twinking at level 14 and a Horde Character. Without Beastmaster Girdle, it's the best Stats wise for class who aren't in need of Hit Rating and playing Horde Character.

    If you're Alliance, Ornately Tooled Belt is better.

    If you lack hit or Horde, Painstakingly Belt is your best bet.

    Still, I would probably pay 100+ gold if I was on horde and twinking at 14.

    -Bankbeauty Level 11 Twink


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