Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaway Results

Cold's Gold Factory Birthday Giveaway Winning Results
  • Grand Prize: Alto  @Altosgold - Won From A Twitter RT
  • First Prize:  Twizz @Twizzletank - Won From A Twitter RT Also
  • Second Prize: Fisherman.Pap - From The Cold's Gold Factory Mailing List
  • Third Prize:  Stephen Townsley - Won From Liking The Facebook Page
  • Mailing List Exclusive Prize:  - SethBlack80 
  • Twitter Followers Exclusive Prize: @tenchikod
Prize Review:
  • Grand Prize:  $50 Gift Card To J!NX :: Clothing for Gamers & Geeks
  • First Prize:  $20 Gift Card To Amazon.com
  • Second Prize:  1 WoW In-Game Sparkle Pony (Celestial Steed) Code
  • Third Prize:  1 WoW In- Game Pandaren Monk Pet Code
  • Mailing List Exclusive Prize:  1 Celestial Steed Mount Code
  • Twitter Followers Exclusive Prize:  1 Pandaren Monk Pet Code
Winners have been contacted for non-bot verification.  If any prizes go unclaimed, I will use them in a new giveaway.  Thanks for participating.  Better luck next time.

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  1. Oops! Sorry for the delay in posting the results. I originally posted them accidentaly on the Auction House Junkies site.

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