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WoW MoP Battle Pets - Looking Ahead & Determining Value

Battle Pets Are Comin To Mists of Pandaria

Battle Pets Coming In MoP

The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion will be adding the all new WoW Battle Pets system to the game.  We don't know everything about the new WoW Battle Pets system yet, but MMO-Champion has a nice overview post of everything that we do know about the Mists of Pandaria battle pet system.  We should be learning more about the new Battle Pets system within the next few weeks as Blizzard is starting to share more details. 

Undoubtedly, the demand and the value of many of the current companion pets will change.  With companion pets being made account bound, we will no longer see sales to multiple characters.  This should be outweighed by an overall rise in demand for the companion pets to be used as Battle Pets.  The companion pet market as a whole should see a nice rise in demand as the companion pets will no longer be just vanity pets.  The WoW Battle Pets system will create a new use for these pets as trained fighters for head to head battling against other players. 

Determining The Value Of Battle Pets

As WoW gold makers, we are constantly looking ahead for the next big thing and planning out our sales strategy in hopes of making a ton of gold in a short period of time.  As the Battle Pet system will increase demand for all types of companion pets, we must be looking for more information to determine which pets will be the best investments.  Here are a few of the factors that will help shape the value of each individual Batle Pet, as well as a few more things to keep watch for.
  1. Battle Pet Rares - Rare pets are always worth more because they are harder to obtain. Coming in MoP are rare battle pets that obtained in the wild and it has been stated that each zone will be home to at least one unique Battle Pet.  These harder to find pets, will obviously be worth more than their vendor bought counterparts.
  2. Unique Battle Pet Abilities - Each pet will have a combination of 6 abilities, 3 of which can be used per Pet Battle.  It is rumored that each pet will have a single unique ability, which will be a huge factor in determining which pets will be in higher demand because of their unique ability or sweet combination of abilities.  The hidden goldmine for us will be finding the rarer pets that also have a great ability combination.  These will be the Battle Pets that will be worth the most.  On the same notion, the
  3. The Level Of The Battle Pet - The Mists of Pandaria Battle Pet system is also including the ability to level up each of your Battle Pets.  This creates an all new market on top of the regular companion pet / Battle Pet market.  You can sell the pets as level 1 starting Battle Pets, or you can level the pets up through combat experience from battle other Battle Pets.  The leveled pets will be worth more gold than the start pet versions.  A max level 25 Battle Pet will be worth far more than a Level 1 Battle Pet.  You can also sell those pre-leveled pets, which could create a new gold making model for some players.
Battle Pets - Planning Ahead

I will be keeping a close watch on news coming out of Blizzard that is related to detailing information about Mist of Pandaria and the new WoW Battle Pet system.  The combination of the Battle Pet's rarity, level, and ability combination will help to determine the value of each pet.  Currently I, along with my Auction House Junkies co-hosts, have been snagging up cheap rare companion pets and holiday pets.  This is a two-fold approach.  Rare (Hyacynth McCaw, Disgusting Oozeling, Captured Firefly, etc.) and hard to obtain pets (Argent Tournament pets) have always been great items to use to hedge your gold investments as you head into a new patch, which will bring inflation and further devalue each gold piece.  Secondly, these rare and hard to find items will see a demand increase when Battle Pets are added in MoP.  Now we also have been able to start stockpiling up seasonal holiday pets as well, since the BoE change from BoP holiday pets, like the Sinister Squashling.  If some of these rare pets turn out to have awesome pet ability combinations, then we will be making a nice huge profit on top of our initial investments.

So keep your eyes peeled for low priced rare and hard to find pets too, if you want to start thinking ahead also.  Then keep your fingers crossed that the Battle Pet mini-game will be available on iPhone too.

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  1. At the top pof the post, you mentioned that they're account bound, so I don't think we'll be able to pre-level them before selling them. However, there might be a market pimping out your pets to help others level theirs. Only time will tell.

  2. Not really account "bound", I chose bad wording there. What I meant was pets are going account-wide and becoming BoE. You can level them before selling them as spefically stated by Blizz and reproduced on mmo-champion.

  3. I'm not sure if you still look at this but i was wondering if you could give me a few ideas of specific mounts i could maybe attempt to stockpile, also are dungeon companions like the phoenix hatchling or the blackrock pets going BoE?

    1. Quest bounds pets are the unique ones that can't be traded / caged and sold and must be earned through doing the quest yourself and you can only have 1 once the new pet system rolls out.

      Mounts: Psoedius (sp?) is a good one, there is a lot of water in MoP I hear, Deathchargers at duped priced should rebound once the dupes get patched in 5.0.4. (hopefully) and of the Trading Card Game Mounts are also good ones to grab and hedge against inflation.


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